Wednesday, April 30, 2014

All about me robot

Last week I got to take the boys to school.  Being able to take or pick up the grands always make my day. 

On this day, Gunner was student of the week in his class.  His teacher has a robot theme this year.  Gunner had a poster to fill out.  His picture right there in the middle!  He wanted to make sure I knew it was a Batman shirt. 

his favorite pet?  a dog.  His favorite book?  Are you my mother?  He was so proud of his poster! he was the top robot for the whole week.  At the end of the week, all the other children in his class, wrote letters to him.  Glen posted this one:

Now, I think this little girl is very smart too!  These are 1st graders and she is using the word intelligent!  I don't think I knew what that word meant at 6 years old!  plus she has very good taste!  anyway, just made me smile and I had to share..... 

 Gunner you will always be top Robot with me!  Love you sweetie! 


Friday, April 25, 2014

Lunch with Zoe

Hi Everyone!  Last week Zoe and I got to spend a day together.  the purpose?  Zoe is getting baptized next month and we were shopping for a white dress for her.  We went to a total of 9 stores!  oh my, that little girl knew what she wanted!  LOL.....

We bought a headband and a bracelet that says CTR (Choose the Right).  I promised I wouldn't show her outfit.  She wants that to be a surprise. 

We ended up at the mall.  And it was time for lunch.  Asked her where she wanted to eat - Subway!  so that we did. 

It was such a special time to spend with Zoe.  Thanks Sweetie.  Love you lots....


Our Easter

Hi everyone!  hope you all had a wonderful Easter!  We sure did.  We like to have our family get together on the Saturday before Easter.  that way we can have our Easter egg hunt, play games.  that leaves Sunday for the true meaning of Easter. 

We played chunky bunny.  Do you know that game?  the purpose was to see who can  put the most marshmallows in your mouth.  After each marshmallow is put in the mouth, you have to say chunky bunny.  Well, all the grands had a good time.  And all of us had some great laughs!!! 


Lexi won!  That girl could put 6 large marshmallows at a time!  Go Lexi!!! 

The kids looking for eggs.  we put money in some.  oh, boy were they excited about that.  Hudson ran and ran and ran.  Such freedom for a little 2 year old.
And decorating cookies!  BTW, I will share that recipe.  They are the best! 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Don't you love a new purse?

Hi Everyone!  Remember I said I had one more thing that Mardi made? 

Well, here is the back story......  several months ago, we all were at the 3 Dudes Quilt shop.  Cyndi was buying some Jo Morton Fabric.  I usually don't go for a line of fabric, being the scrappy girl I am.  but I saw this and fell in love.  I can't even tell you what the name of the line is.  I just know it's from Jo Morton.  As I was walking around in the shop, I spied a purse.  the pattern was by Penny Sturgess.  Carol Ann's Tote  then the light bulb went off.  That fabric I fell in love with and this pattern!  A perfect pairing. 

Well, I bought fabric and the pattern.  brought it home and there it sat in the bag.  Sigh.....  fast forward a few months.....  Mardi asked if I had any new purse/totes patterns that would be good for a class.  Oh yeah, Mardi.  I even have the fabric.  So sweet dear Mardi would make up my purse for me, if she could keep it till she taught her class....  Mardi is such a perfectionist.  her stitching is perfect. 

So while we all are talking and laughing, Mardi brings this out!

Mardi knows someone who makes these buttons.  it is perfect! 
See that button in there?  last Christmas I gave everyone wooden buttons with there names on them.  Mardi used one here, kind of like a label!  Oh Mardi, Thank you so much for my bag.  She will be teaching it next month if anyone is interested. 


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sewing with Friends

Hi every one!  last week Cyndi, Toni and I went to Mardi's to sew.  Oh I love these girls.  We laugh, we eat, and we get things done! 

This is a top Cyndi finished.  It's an orange peel pattern from Moda University, from several years ago. 
A Shamrock twister she finished a day before St Pats! 

This is Cyndi's purse, which I love.  Isn't it precious? 

Cyndi is also working on a baby quilt.  it's all ready to put rows together. 

Cyndi taught a paper piecing class several years ago.  Well, now it is quilted and bound! 

see the star button?  a year or so ago, Cyndi and I made some star buttons from polymer clay. 

Toni finished this top.  now she is looking for the border.  She is thinking a black with white swirls.

I gave everyone heart shape sunglasses!  just for fun.  toni gave us eggs from her chickens, Mardi gave up some sweet smelling soap, and Cyndi made lemon curd!  Yum! 
mardi made this quilt. 

And these Christmas placemats.  so pretty. 

I have one other thing from mardi, but I am putting it in another post. 

Thanks Gals for a fun day!  hugs....

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Palo Verde Trees

Hi everyone!  I thought I would share some pictures of around here.  this time of year is one of my favorite times.  I shared earlier about the orange blossoms and my gorgeous roses.  Another fav?  Palo Verde Trees! 

We use to have one in our from yard.  sigh...   the key word(s) used to......


A couple of years ago, early in the morning I heard a loud crack then a boom, and the house shook.  went outside and there was our tree.  I loved that tree. 
But I digress.......
Right now, here in the dessert these trees are blooming everywhere. 
See that stuff on the ground?  the gutters are full! 

This is by my dentist office.  more stuff on the ground. 

Here is a close up. 

This is at a shopping center.  that is Zoe.  the trees get pretty big.  I love how they look.  I love the mess.  Out in the desert, they are everywhere too.  A bright yellow spot in a land of brown. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Stash Report 10

Hi Everyone.... here we go.........

Bobbins used this week: 02
Bobbins used year to date: 13
Thread spools emptied this week: 0
Thread spools emptied year to date:  3
Fabric used this week:  0 yard  
Fabric used year to date: 13 1/2 yards
Fabric added this week: 0 yards

nope, no finishes this week....  but I have been working....


3 more blocks done for Home for the Holidays! 
I just picked up my Mother's quilt from the quilter!  I will square it up for her and do the binding.  I consider this "OUR" UFO.  it was basically a free quilt.  done with my scraps.  I love the way it turned out.  the backing is black sateen.  oh sooooo wonderful. 
I have worked on the bear paws that Vicki and I are making.  No pictures, it's too dark right now.  but I have 80 4 patches,  80 2 patches and 80 2 patches with a light done.  I also have 80 of the 2 patches now sewn to the 4 patches.  And as a leader and ender I have started working on the borders for the cheddar that is pink quilt.  so things are coming along. 

Vicki is coming here soon.  Her hubby has training here for 3 weeks.  so while he gets trained Vicki and I will sew away! 


Friday, April 18, 2014

Variety, I love it!

Hi everyone!  recently I participated in a 2" charm swap.  The Curious Quilter hosted it.  thank you, thank you!!!! 

Those are 800 2" charms.  I received 100 charms from 8 lovely swappers.  Thank you ladies.  not one duplicate in that bunch.  that just goes to show how many fabrics there are.  lots and lots.... 

So, I am going to start sewing them together for my border for my cheddar that is pink quilt.  Yeah! 


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hmmmmmm, Oatmeal cookies!

Hi everyone!  do you like fresh, homemade, warm oatmeal cookies?  Oh yeah!

The other day Melissa brought her boys over uber early in the morning for me to take to school.  she had to be at work at 6 AM, and Glen had to go out of town at 4 AM.  So at 5AM, here comes the grands! 

Gunner was asleep on the couch, Andrew on one of the recliners and Hudson in my arms in the other recliner.  It didn't take us long to go back to sleep.  At 7:15 Bruce woke us up.  While I helped the boys get dressed, Bruce made scrambled eggs.  They wolfed those eggs down, especially Hudson.  2 fisted eating! 

Anyway, as we were talking, Gunner wanted to know if I knew how to make cookies.  I knew they were coming back over after school, so I said yes, we could make them when they came back.  I asked, Doesn't mommy make cookies?  No, she doesn't know how!!!  Oh Gunner!  Melissa is a good cookie maker.  She works full time, so cookies don't always get made. 

Anyway, they all came back after school and we proceeded to make cookies, or rather grandma did, and Mom (Melissa) helped a lot, LOL....... 

We decided on Sister Cunningham's Favorite Cookies in the Whole World!  Many years ago, while living in CA., the sister missionaries came often, and usually brought us these cookies.  I begged for the recipe.  Sister Cunningham had the recipe memorized.  She shared with me, and I will share with you! 

The dough
Getting ready to bake
This recipe make about 9 dozen cookies!

and the eating!
Sister Cunningham's Favorite Cookies in the Whole Wide World!
2 cups softened butter
2 cups sugar
2 cups brown sugar
4 eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla
4 cups flour
5 coups oatmeal
1 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons baking soda
2 teaspoon baking powder
1 bag milk chocolate chips (I usually use Ghirardelli's but this time used mini chocolate chips)
Cream butter and sugars.  Add eggs.  Mix, then add vanilla, oatmeal, salt, baking powder, baking soda, and flour.  Then add chocolate chips.  Drop by spoonfuls to an ungreased cookie sheet.  Bake at 350 degrees for 9 - 12 minutes.  DO NOT over bake.  The less you bake , the softer they are.  Store in airtight container. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Hi everyone!  Recently we had our Thornberries meeting.  This time we went to Joe's Real BBQ for lunch.  we sat around and talked, got caught up, and did hand work.  And then we had lunch, yum!

Sue was the only one who brought show and tell. 

She is such a sweetie, she brought me a redwork pillow.  she had found it at a garage sale.  Thank you Sue!

Last year we traded 2.5" strips for Bonnie Hunter's Scrappy trip.  Sue has started sewing hers together.  this is going to be sooooo pretty.  I need to start sewing mine together. 

Also last year we traded 5 2" charms to make this cross quilt.  This is going to be a BIG quilt.  Hmmmm, I still haven't started sewing this together either. 

It was a very warm day.  towards the end, it got into the 90s.  Mercy, I am not ready for summer yet!  Please, let us enjoy spring a little more.......