Thursday, April 29, 2010

Zoe is 4 today!

I can't believe our Zoe is turning 4. she has grown up sooooo much. Lee is taking Zoe to Sea World so we celebrated early! Lee made the cake and decorated it! his cooking skills are getting better and better! Good job hon! here is Zoe blowing out the candles!
Zoe loves wearing her girly shoes! she is so proud of them. she wears them everywhere!
And here is our Zoe! in her Tinkerbell costume! Such a pretty girl. We love you Zoe! Happy Birthday!

EQ7 is coming!!!!

Well, I finally took the plunge and bought EQ6. I am just starting to learn it. Now I find out that EQ7 is coming. It sounds wonderful!!! AND you will be able to use it on a netbook! how cool is that. It also has lots of new features concerning photos! I am going to look more into this! I also will be saving money to get this new toy! off to read more about EQ6!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuuvi and the Hopi Nation

Hi Everyone! We just made a quick trip up to Northern AZ. We were invited to the grand opening of the Legacy Hotel in Tuuvi (Tuba City). This is a very unique place. Tuba City is the Navajo name and Tuuvi is the Hopi name of the same town. one side of the street is Navajo and the other is Hopi. the Navajo nation is on daylight savings time and the Hopi nation is on AZ time. My phone showed Navajo time, Bruce's phone Hopi time! it was very confusing! there is just a little of area that is surrounded totally by the Navajos. Anyway, Bruce has been working with the Hopi's on a travel center there. I think it has been opened for about 2 years. Monday, the Hopi's had their grand opening of a hotel across the street from the travel center. We got to stay in the new hotel. It is just beautiful.
We went to Flagstaff to meet with Jeff, Terry and Scott to have dinner, then on to Tuuvi. this picture is by sunset point. just miles of yellow flowers. very pretty!
We had dinner at Black Bart's steakhouse. the food was great and all the waiters and waitresses sang to us while we ate. really a bunch of talented kids!

this is the hotel during the day. we arrived at night and it was breathtaking with the lighting.
every room had a balcony and the next two pics is the view from our balcony.

Tuesday morning was the ceremony. it started with the Village Crier. I don't' know what he said - it was all in Hopi. very moving. next an opening prayer. then the veterans had a flag ceremony. these were all veterans from the Vietnam War and Desert Storm. I love seeing the flag fly.
next came the social dancing. first came the drummers and the singers, then came the dancers. I think the kids were about 10 years old. there were 2 boys and 2 girls. I tell you those kids never missed a beat. they were right on the money with every beat of the drums. AND it was a very long dance. those kids didn't look winded at all.

Then there was a lot of talking. the Governor of the Hopi nation, different government officials from the Governors (AZ ) office and officials from Coconino county, different board members. then they did something unexpected. they invited all veterans - men and women to come up front. both Hopi and any one else there. they then announced that after the ribbon cutting, everyone was to come up and say thank you to the veterans. I thought that was very nice. the board members, Miss Hopi all cut the ribbon. then the food was served! LOL!
Here are the gentlemen I shared the table with. Terry, Jeff, Scott and Bruce! They all are Express Stop and worked with Hopi's.
For lunch we had salad, sandwiches, wonderful banana bread. AND pasole - I know I spelled that wrong. it was mutton with hominy. there was a BIG roasted chilie on top. I thought it was a Hatch green chilie - wrong!! this baby was hot!!!! I like hot and spicy, but this was a little much for me. It was very good though. I usually do not like mutton, but it was very mild. the broth was wonderful.
then it was time to go home. this pic is on the way out of the valley. lots of layers of color, very stark, really very beautiful.
This is the San Francisco Peaks! SNOW!!!! wow, this is the northern side. there was still a bit on the southern side too. It amazes me that there still is snow. even in flagstaff there was a bit of snow here and there. Remember I am a desert rat, I don't know what snow is, so it is always amazing to me to see it. LOL!

I found the Hopi people charming, friendly, and love to talk. they are so very proud of this new beautiful hotel. It is bringing jobs, and money into the tribe. and that is a good thing. thank you so much for inviting us! we had a wonderful time!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Apron Presentation!

A customer came into the store a month or so ago and asked if I could do a demo on how to make an apron. it was for a mother daughter tea at her church. So I started to figure out what I was going to do! Yikes!!! the date was April 24, and it was coming fast!

Anyway, when I walked in, there were aprons everywhere! old ones, new ones, and everything in between! LOL!
they brought out such pretty teapots for each table. the men in their church did all the serving and did such a good job! Thank you for such service.
Here is the whole table. so pretty.

and the yummy food! and we had peach cobbler for dessert - my fav!!!

Here is Kathy H. reading a poem about mothers. I need to get a copy of it.

Here I am talking up a storm!
There was a little girl in the audience that came up to help me. She did a very good job!

there was a drawing after I was through. guess who won? this sweet young lady. Her name is Maddy!!! maybe mom can use it for a while until Maddy grows up a bit!
Kathy, thanks for having me do this! it was fun....

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm certified!

hi everyone! last Monday Melissa, Kelly Rae and I took a copic certification class. that means we can all teach people how to use Copic markers. Jennie Black was our teacher and Marianne was there to help! Marianne is copic markers. She is the go to girl if you want to know anything about copics! they are the very best markers out there. here is Melissa. Marianne was doodling pictures and Melissa asked if she could have the paper! she took it home! Way to go Melissa!!! Here are the goodies we were given. Yeah! I haven't used the multi - liner pen - it is AWESOME!!!
here are the girls from our table. me, Kelly Rae, Melissa, Diane, Lisa and oh my gosh! I can't remember the last girls name. I am sooo sorry. Diane owns a store in Tucson.
Here is Marianne and I. can you see the red streak in Marianne's hair? she used a copic to color her hair! she says it comes out when you wash it. Maybe I can try some on my gray!!!!

Here is Jennie and I. such a sweetie!
I am so glad I took the class. I learned so much. but if I had it to do again, I would do a technique class. a lot less money, a lot more hands on with techniques. loved the class though....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Talented Girls!

Melissa is now on Kim's Design Team at Cuttercreek! Yeah Melissa!!! here is her first posting:
here the posting in Tuesday, April 20. Now, no spoiling the surprises for granddaughters!! Great job sweetie!! Now Jenn works for University of Phoenix. she works with HS kids, starting them out getting college credits while still in HS. Yesterday she was brought into a meeting with Hal Smith, VP of Education with the Urban League in Washington DC! He wanted her opinions and knowledge on high school kids. She is so good at what she does! Yeah Jenn!!!

All my kids are so talented. Each of the so very different. how does that happen? LOL!
love you girls....

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Love Redwork Club

I love the 3rd Fridays! It means Red work Club. and this one was great! Cyndi had a class before Red work at the Scrapbook convention. She made this envelope/cards/to hold pictures thingy. the paper was sooooo pretty! Arlene is keeping up with our monthly little quilts. love the color fabric she chose.
a month or so ago, Rita gave everyone a little pack of hexagons to make a Grandmother's Flower Garden block. Pam took hers and it grew into this! Great job Pam!

Nancy made this tote. love the big purple ric rak! great job!

Here is a potholder Nancy made.

Nancy made a pillow case or two....

and a fall quilt......

and a little red work from Bird Brain....

and a cool black/white/red tote.... Nancy is like the energizer bunny. she just never stops. I want some of your energy Nancy!

I brought a show and tell! Be attitudes by Nancy Halverson. I just love her patterns. Cyndi and I did this BOM from the shop up in Payson. I just need to add the bindings. Yeah!!!

Jancye is also in the Civil War Club and this is one of the projects - a little needle holder.

here is her little quilts. love the little gold butterfly. I just might have to do that too!
Isabelle made a little penny rug!

OK, two years ago I challenged everyone to make a dear Jane in embroidery. Well, Harriett finished her top. all in purple! here is a closeup.

she even mitered the corners. I could look at this all day long.....
I brought Cherie's quilts because she use to belong to our red work club. here is a floral one she did in purples.

Here is a panel she colored with crayons. then cut apart and put it back together so nicely.

Our very first red work project was the 12 days of Christmas. love this setting Cherie!

I know, some of these pics look familiar. but we belong to some of the same groups. Sorry. Here is Charlene sweatshirt. love it!
Here is her log cabin quilt. someday I will make one of these. just beautiful....

her little quilts. these girls are so productive. I need to get going here! LOL!
Here is a baby quilt. I think it is a turning 20.
Arlene made this sweet little needle holder. this is the inside.
and the outside. love it!
Oh and Arlene won the door prize that Carmen made! Thanks Carmen for making the door prize!
I made the sad announcement that this would be the last Red work Club until September. Life will be soooo busy this summer and my schedule really chaotic. so I thought it would be best to postpone redwork till September. I think I will have to find some time to have a least one meeting this summer. LOL! thank you ladies for such a great Friday!