Monday, December 28, 2009

Awesome pincushions!

when we have our Christmas party, I give out the challenge to make pincushions from a found object. that is what we have our gift exchange with. Carmen, Kathy's granddaughter even joined in this year. she did a great job! I don't have a pic of all the pin cushions,, which is a pity. they all turned out wonderful!!! Good job ladies! the first two pics are of a jewelry case or watch case turned into a pincushion! I love it!!!
this was a suitcase.....

a mason jar turned into a flower......

a little bird on top of a wooden spool......

that's all I have. there was a little teapot, a Frito bean dip can, I can't remember them all. but everyone did such a good job. I really look forward every year to this.
thanks ladies!

Redwork Day

hey everyone! hope you all had a great Christmas, we sure did. more on that on another post. Thanks to Nancy and Michelle I have pictures from our redwork party. Thanks gals.....
sorry about some side way pics. couldn't turn them. oops! here is Susan with her pillow insert.... and with her special Christmas cards she made. wow!
here is Margie with a Christmas quilt. the charms are from the shop hop from a couple of years ago. great idea Margie!

I believe this one is from Nancy - new to our group. she designs quilt patterns! here

again Margie. this is her finished quilt from Gail Pan
here's Mardi! she is also new. the is a Christmas sampler - just beautiful.....
Here is Loretta. she had twin grands and made 2 rag quilts. hope I got the story right!
a take 5 quilt
another take 5 from Loretta
Ornaments from Linda

a stocking from Janyce
and her basket quilt finished
This is Denise's winter wonderland done in scrappy! isn't it pretty?

another Christmas tree quilt from Linda
another from Deanne. you have to click on the pic to enlarge. it is very funny. I hope I am spelling your name right!
another Christmas redwork from Deanne
The next quilts are from Cyndi. She had a close friend pass away earlier in the year. she finished these two quilts for the children. they turned out great!!!
Arlene finished her tote from bird brain and her pillow insert.
in another post I will post pics of the pincushions. we always have the greatest show and tell! thanks gals...... if I didn't post your pic, I am sooo sorry. my camera wasn't working and Nancy and Michelle were so kind to give me the ones they took.
happy new year....

Monday, December 21, 2009

Bake Day

I just love getting ideas from my friends. they all help me be a better wife, Mom, and grandmother! Thanks girlfriends!!! Our bake day is evolving for the better I think. this year, no cooking, just bring your treats to swap. I think it really went well. we had two visitors for this year. Gunner and Andrew. daddy was working and Grandpa, well, lets hope he was out shopping for his favorite person! LOL!!! Now you can tell Gunner had a good time. his face is full of chocolate! My Aunt Gloria and Harriet were very smart, they had everything packaged up with the recipe included! Thank you!!!
Here are the table of treats......
Now, no one was home to take the picture, unless it was one of us. I don't know how to do the timer thing. Bruce had to show me before he left. Melissa had to put the camera on the tripod. here is picture #1. I couldn't see Melissa well enough so I decided to take another. Then the fun started with the boys! ........
#3 is someone missing?
#4 we are all saying look at the camera!
#5 Andrew running after Gunner......

#6 we give up! we will stick with #1......

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Christmas Lights! and a birthday!

before I even get started, Happy Birthday to our Demi girl!!!! she is 13! Yikes! and soooo grown up. we love you sweetie! Every year we get the bus from the office and we take everyone and go see the lights. it's so much fun and the kids get so excited. well, I do too! LOL!
Here is Lexi, Zoe, Andrew and Eva. all in the front seat!

Here's the group of us. lots of little ones you can't see because they aren't tall enough.....

loading onto the bus....
we had dinner first, then on the bust to see the lights. there didn't seem to be as many light this year. and our fav place did have any lights at all. then we all came back to our home and had hot chocolate.... yum......
Merry Christmas my family.....

a day with Lexi

Lexi and I got to spend some time together the other day! Lexi likes to create and make. a girl after my own heart! so I went looking for something special! well My Scrap Chick here has the cutest SVG files AND they are having a 50% off SALE!!! so I bought the nativity and away we went.......I showed her how to sponge.... and do line work!

here she is....

all done! her mom framed it to put up at their home. The time went quickly and she was sooooo proud of herself. way to go sweetie!

Grandma love you....

Work Party!

This was a busy weekend for us. also on the 21st was our Christmas Party for work. Kathy hosted at her home and cooked the wonderful food! we laughed a lot, ate a lot and enjoyed each other's company! Thanks Kathy for a wonderful time! Here is our crew. Lori, Cyndi, me, Terry T, Jody. Sitting is Kathy (our fearless leader) another Terry T, and another Cindy!

The party was like work. lots of laughter.

Merry Christmas girls!


Happy Birthday!

On the 12th we celebrated my Father's (9th), my Aunt Gloria's (the 16th) and Harriet's birthdays (the 17th). one of dad's favorite restaurants is My Big Fat Greek Restaurant. so there we went...... of course the sang for us and brought the birthday kids baklava for each of them. Yum!
and here they are! Harriet, Dad and Aunt Gloria! love you all........


Our Thornberrie Party!

WOW, I can't believe it's been since the 30th of November that I last posted. Just been way too busy!!!! sorry..... anyway, on December 11th we had our Thornberrie party. I must say, we ar a bunch of talented, fun loving quilters! we played games of course. First CLR with 3 fQ each. Terry S won! Then CLR with 3 spools of thread! Judy won!!!
and we played more games......both were games Sue has played and LOTS of fun! the first was a dice game. there were more presents than people. just silly fun stuff. there were several sets of die. the rules were to roll the dice. if you got a double, you picked a present. if you didn't you passed the die. there was a 2 minute timer going. if all the presents were gone you got to steal from someone! way too much fun. the second game was with 2 packs of cards. the first pack was dealt out to everyone. the second was turned face up, one at a time. if a card turned up that you had, you got to pick a present. if there were no presents, you got to steal. we all had to bring a notion or something sewing that we don't use, but had thought it a great idea! the games were great!

Next, was our gift exchange. Mindy has been in charge. She has done an awesome job! Thanks Mindy!!! here is Terry P (short) giving to Terry S (tall).
next Terry S giving to Mindy...
Sue M giving to Louise......
Mindy giving to SueM.....
Louise giving to Bobbi.....
Judy giving to Barb......
and me giving to Judy!
Bobbi giving to Terry P
and Barb giving to me!love this quilt Barb!!!! thank you!!!!
And here is our group - The Thornberries! love you all.....

Merry Christmas......