Sunday, January 31, 2010

Party, Party, Party!

Saturday Mom and Dad had all the adults over for Dad's famous hamburgers. They are the best! after dinner we played CLR and Poker. I won the first hand at poker. yeah me! I had to take a pic of my winning hand. I held my own in poker. but didn't win at all at CLR. oh well..... Cindy or Keith won!
Harriet won at CLR. it was so unexpected. she didn't have any nickels and then she did. I think she was very surprised. we all were. but it was lots of fun.....

here is mom and dad preparing the food. Dad is the best BBQ cook. his hamburgers are always so juicy and moist. They are the best...
Oh, the reason for the party? because we wanted to! LOL!
thanks mom and dad for hosting! love you.....

Maddy and GWand new addition!

Ashton and Elena lost sheila a couple of months ago. she was a staffordshire bull dog. the other day Elena sent this photo of Sadie! another staffordshire, and a rescue dog too. she looks like a cutie! here our Maddy funning around! doesn't she have the best smile? she is such a happy girl. Love you sweetie!!!
Here is our little GW. still our chubba wubba. and still has all that hair! Oh how I want to kiss that face!
one more of GW with his daddy.

Thanks Elena for sending the pics! love you all......

I am a Zindorfian!

last weekend Melissa and I took a class from Michelle Zindorff. An unbelievable stamper. It was so exciting to take a class to learn her techniques. Thank you Michelle!!! this card is one we made. soooo pretty...... This is Michelle teaching us.......
This is some of the cool stuff we received for our classes......

This is Melissa, Michelle and I. I hope Michelle had fun, cuz I know Melissa and I sure did.....

So if you ever have the chance, take the class!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lost Dutchman

Last week our shop was invited to Lost Dutchman. every year Kathy and some members of the Lost Dutchman quilt group pick out 8 FQ's for each member - I think there is about 32 of them. They then have 1 year to make something out of there 8 FQ's. They invite us for show and tell. It is amazing. these ladies are very talented. here is just some of there items they made. I will post more pics over the next few days.
there are some other projects they have made also sprinkled in with the challenge quilts.

Also in this last pic you can see the stage. On the stage there are LOTS of quilts! these are all charity quilts. there had to be over 100 quilts. how awesome is that? Way to go Lost Dutchman gals!!
thanks for having us over.....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More Redwork Pictures.....

Hi everybody! thanks to Michelle S I have more pics from redwork club. Thank you Michelle!!!

this is Mardi, she is doing a pillow for her daughter. next is Jeanne C her Jan block done! then Susan with you block completed.

Here is Charlene with her bunny hill quilt from last year. way too cute!

Here is Arlene with her Redwork in the Garden Quilt.
here Arlene with her Red Delicious in embroidery. I love it!

Thank you ladies for making redwork club so fun!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another UFO done!

This UFO is about 2 years old. AND it's done!!! This is #5 for this year so far. this feels soooo good to get things done! Thanks Joanne for quilting!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quilt Retreat!

I was invited to join a group of ladies this past weekend to go on a quilt retreat in Pine! I love this place! It's called Breath of Life Retreat. Candy is the owner and she just pampers us. Oh, there is a massage therapist too that comes. Heaven!

Here is our little group getting ready to leave..... Last night we played CLR and Cyndi won! She has never won before so that was good - 18 FQ's! Way to go Cyndi!
Here is a top that was finished while there. the lighter blue fabric has snowflakes all over it.

Here is another UFO almost done! the blue larger squares are jeans cut up. then scrappy 2 1/2" squares surrounding them. I left rows 1 and 2 at home, but the rest are sewn together. this project is about 3 years old.
found this apron pattern in Quilt. I just love it! finished!

Mary Lou was working on baby quilts. here is #1.....

and #2! both ready to be quilted!

Kathy finished a table runner.

and she finished a very cute bright top!

here are the stars for a swap for stashbusters - due next week! whew!! done! I did them.....

yesterday, during the day! four different deer came in the yard for our enjoyment! they are sooo pretty!

Cyndi finished a birth announcement quilt for her new little grandson! Josiah Robert......

Here are the 2 little snappy bags I made. they are so fun to play with. they snap close!

I made one with decor bond and one with batting. I like the decor bond better! it makes the bag crisper. Barb is almost done with her heart quilt. she is on a deadline, so she had her foot to the pedal. It's going to be soooooo pretty.......

here is Barb with one of her heart blocks.......Hi Barb!
I can't believe I didn't get a pic of Marilyn! sorry...... she was working on a duck duck goose quilt. very cute!
Now I am going to updates my hours, bobbins etc.... in my side bar! felt wonderful to accomplish so much! and I felt uplifted to be around such wonderful women! thanks gals.....

Redwork Club Time

last Friday was Redwork Club and you ladies brought the best sow and tell. I can always count on you to bring cool stuff! Thanks!! remember, you can click on the pic to enlarge! this is Deanne's Campbell soup kids. really cute. love the little football guy! this is a top that Deanne is working on - all firemen stuff! you have to get the close up of this to see the detail. very cute!

Isabelle finished her January block.
Pam received very nice place mats from her sister for Christmas. I love them!

Rhonnda came in before Redwork to show me her Winter Wonderland from Crap Apple Hill. I am so glad I got to see it. It just gives me goosebumps. I love this quilt. mine will be done someday!
at this point my camera's battery died. so Michelle finished taking pics for me. as soon as she sends the rest to me, I will post! right after Redwork club, Cyndi and I left for a quilt retreat! more on that in the next post.....