Saturday, July 31, 2010

oh yeah! life is good!

no pictures today, but some really great fun news!!! if you know me, you know I love to quilt! I am becoming friends with my HQ16. I have been practising and playing. I haven't broke any needles yet - which is a good thing! LOL... one of my favorite places to look at pantos is HERE Urban Elementz. this site has such a good selection of pantos and also the design boards AND digital if you have that blessing! ****** update the panto is listed here click on the link and it will take you right to it! Yeah!!!!

they also have an area where you can submit ideas! I have played with the idea of writing happy birthday while quilting. well it just doesn't look very well, so I thought a panto would be wonderful to have. I have never seen one. so I submitted the idea! guess what? I just got an email from Patricia that she liked my idea and had made a panto that they are printing right now! because it was my idea, I get the panto for free! how cool is that?

so check out their website and be prepared to drool. LOTS of fun stuff there! Thank you Patricia!!! you made my day!

doing the happy dance....


Friday, July 30, 2010

Movie Day

the other day Lexi, Jackson and Eva and I went to go and see "How to train your dragon!" I really like the movie. it very cute! good thing, cuz this is the 2nd time I have seen it. we went to the Pollack Theatre at McClintok and Elliot. $3 movies! It's kind of a fun place. there was a hairy puppet band to greet us when we walked in. a game room, and then they have statues everywhere! Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, the blues brothers, a lot of presidents, batman, the marines! and a lot more. lots of things to look at! Oh, they only take cash! but there is a handy ATM machine there too! LOL!

Here are the kiddos all happy to see the movie! after the movie it was on to McD's for lunch and play! they don't look as happy but there were, I promise! they were hungry!!!!
Thanks kiddos! Grandma had fun!
I love you....
Grandma H

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Smith Boys day!

Melissa and Glen had a problem with their air conditioner at their home. of course it was the weekend and they had to order parts. so they stayed with us for a few days. it was so fun waking up in the morning hearing "Hi Granma!" I love those words. well, one day, I took Andrew to go and see "How to train your dragon". really a cute movie! afterwards, Gunner, Andrew and I went to McD's! here is Gunner, can you find him? Gunner is the fry man! He LOVES frys! doesn't matter what else there is, he only eats the frys! He LOVES frys! LOL!
Now our little guy loves to play. his fav words are "be right back!" he will be gone for a day or two, come back and eat some more, then "be right back, ok? and off he goes.....

Andrew? he will stay and eat and check out the toy, then go and play.

oh, BTW, at the theater, on Tuesdays, it's $1 for the movie! and by the theater is a water fountain. Andrew asked if he could go and play in it. I said sure and Grandma had her trusty camera! he got in the water and promptly sat down. didn't get the picture it happened so fast. but I did get his big grin! all in all it was a fun day! thanks guys for a happy day....

love you guys!
Grandma H

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's Demi Day!

Demi and I got to have a couple of days together. She is such a cutie! our first day together we went to see Eclispe! it was pretty good. the acting is getting better!

our next day I promised Demi I would take her to get her hair colored. here is her before. she wanted dark on top and blonde underneath. well, she has been playing with hair coloring. apparently, home dyeing and salon dyeing don't play well together. so she couldn't do exactly what she wanted.
so before her appointment we went to Jason's Deli - Yum! Demi had her Ceaser Salad - her fav ! she said it was one of the best ones she has ever had!

Me? a Reuben, one of my favs! I could only eat half of the half! it was really big and GOOD!
Then off to the salon! while Demi was getting her tranformation, I decided to get a pedicure! Oh my heaven!

here is the first photo of Demi. she had dark on top and reddish brown underneath. can you tell the difference? it really did look nice.......

can't really see much in this photo, but she was very happy.

Thanks Demi for staying with me. hope you had a good time! love you sweetie!!!
Grandma H.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Jackson

Yeap, another birthday and we aren't done yet! Happy Birthday Jackson! our guy turned 8. Jackson is a pretty quiet guy who LOVES Lego's! He is a very bright guy too! loves to play Wii. and he loves to open presents! Jenn and Demi made the cake. a cupcake cake made of cupcakes! Yum!!!
Ready to blow out the candles?

He did it! thanks Jackson for letting us share your special day!

we love you sweetie!!!
Grandma H.

Amazing what tickles me!

Have you ever heard of washi tape? me either. My daughter Melissa is always in the know about scrapbook stuff and she told me about the tape. apparently a lot of people are using it in their card making and scrapbooks. it comes in LOTS of different designs and colors and widths. I bought the one that's about 1/2 inch. 15 mm. It's kind of like masking tape. kind of.... Mel said that people are using the tape to wrap their copic pens in. to distinguish them when taking a class. Good idea! so I want some. Melissa sent me a link where you could buy 6 of the at a time. no I don't think so, what if I don't like it! silly me. so I googled washi tape and found LOTS of places. started to check them out. A lot of them sell in bundles. no, I want just one roll! silly me..... I found this place that's sells one roll at a time. Well I got my package yesterday. fast shipping! I open it and look what I found! isn't that the cutest packaging? once I took of the first layer, it was bubble wrapped. then in a glycine envelope. Thank you Glenda! nothing was going to hurt my tape!
I have been using little black rubber bands - the kind you got for little girls, they are tiny. it was functional but not cute! so now I will start wrapping my pens. I bought pink gingham if you can't tell from the picture. it's cute! Now, this washi tape is from Japan and it's
AWESOME! I can see lots of possibilities here! silly me for wanting just one roll! sigh.....
watch out I coming back to order MORE!!! LOL.....

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Squirt Gun Day!

It has been so pickin' hot here. so I thought squirt guns would be fun for the kiddos and they would stay cool while out side. Andrew and Zoe girl were watering a dead plant. Andrew promised that it would turn green just for me! they had so much fun. isn't the best sound in the world is children's laughter. it just make you smile inside.....
And Gunner man? he just kept drinking his..... we would fill it up and he would drink it up!

Thanks parents for letting the kiddos come and play with Grandma!


I love show and tell. It's my favorite thing about any quilt get together! At Charmers we had lots of inspiration . thanks gals!!! this is Judy's table runner. it's from the leftovers from another quilt. Ya did good Judy! I think this is Delva's quilt. I love Redwork! great job!
This is Marilyn's Triple Irish Chain! wow!! this is so pretty. I can't wait to finish mine!

Thanks for sharing girls!!!

Thank you Jean!

You know Internet friends are fun! and sooooo helpful. on the HQ16 list I met Jean from Apple Valley, CA. She was here to pick up a daughter who had some surgery. so while here, she was able to come over and show me so much about my HQ16. she also let me borrow her DVDs on the HQ. THANK YOU Jean!!! so far, I haven't broke any needles or had rail road tracks on the back. knock on wood.

Jean and I have been going back and forth about a 4 patch stacked posy quilt. she brought her quilt to show. isn't it beautiful? great job Jean!
and here is Jean!
Thanks again Jean, you are a sweetie!!! I appreciate your help soooooo much!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Elena!

Happy Birthday Elena! Elena is married to our youngest son Ashton. Aren't they a good looking family? Ashton surprised Elena with a surprise birthday party. Elena is the best Mom who thoroughly enjoys motherhood. She is such a good wife and mother. we are so lucky to have her in our family. wish we could have spent your birthday with you all! Elena also sent pictures so we can see how our little ones are growing. thank you sweetie!
This is our little Gideon. he will be 1 in September. Gunner man and GW look like they could be brothers!

Here is our Maddie girl. she is the happiest little girl!

here are the little kiddos together. see Maddie always has the biggest smile!

thank you Elena for giving us such joy! we love you....

Happy Birthday Jenn and David!

Happy birthday Jenn and David! this family has a crazy month! they have 4 birthdays and a anniversary to celebrate! Jenn's is on the 21st, their anniversary is the 22nd and David's birthday is the 23rd. they are celebrating by taking the whole family to Disneyland! they are going to have sooooo much fun. we will celebrate when they get back. Happy birthday kiddos! we love you!!! stay safe


Friday, July 23, 2010

Triple Irish Chain

I am sooooo close to getting this done. I layed it all out and started sewing the rows together. when I came back in to get another row. this is what I came back to! Miss Priss was playing hide and seek with my rows! Now I have all the rows together, and the borders on. wow!!! what an accomplishment. right now I am appliqueing some flowers in the corners. as soon as I am finished with that, then picture time!!! thanks charmers for helping me get my project done!

******* update on remodel! we are getting the permit on Monday, Finally!!! Yeah!!!! so maybe within 10 days we will start the construction. sure hope so, it seems that the planning part has taken forever!



Shopping for THE dress......

My parents are going to celebrate a special anniversary next month. so Mom needed to find a special dress! we went all over town. I mean ALL over!!! at the last shop we found THE dress. I won't tell you which one. I will save that for THE day! but we had lots of fun.

Is it this one?
or this?
or this one?

or this one?

You know I went shopping with my daughters to get their wedding dresses. I treasure those special moments. But going with my mom to find her special dress... well, I group that memory in with my girls. we had fun, we laughed, we cried.
thanks for letting me share the day with you Mom!


Happy Birthday Glen!

I know I am sooooo behind in blogging. I'm bad! I am going to do all my catching up, so I will start with Glen's birthday. He is married to my baby, Melissa. they have 2 wild boys. Glen is the best dad. I love the way the boys light up when their Daddy comes into the room. thank you Glen for being such a good dad and husband. you and Melissa are so good together.

we had a little dinner here for everyone and I fixed Glen's favs. mashed potatoes, roast and strawberry shortcake! yum! well, I had to squirt whipped cream - Demi wanted in on the fun too!

Here is Glen gettin his strawberry shortcake!
this was a new thing for Gunner! he loved it! Love you Glen.....