Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sewing with Friends

Hi every one!  last week Cyndi, Toni and I went to Mardi's to sew.  Oh I love these girls.  We laugh, we eat, and we get things done! 

This is a top Cyndi finished.  It's an orange peel pattern from Moda University, from several years ago. 
A Shamrock twister she finished a day before St Pats! 

This is Cyndi's purse, which I love.  Isn't it precious? 

Cyndi is also working on a baby quilt.  it's all ready to put rows together. 

Cyndi taught a paper piecing class several years ago.  Well, now it is quilted and bound! 

see the star button?  a year or so ago, Cyndi and I made some star buttons from polymer clay. 

Toni finished this top.  now she is looking for the border.  She is thinking a black with white swirls.

I gave everyone heart shape sunglasses!  just for fun.  toni gave us eggs from her chickens, Mardi gave up some sweet smelling soap, and Cyndi made lemon curd!  Yum! 
mardi made this quilt. 

And these Christmas placemats.  so pretty. 

I have one other thing from mardi, but I am putting it in another post. 

Thanks Gals for a fun day!  hugs....


  1. Hello Lorene, what a lot of fun you ladies all have together! Wonderful!
    And all those little charms in last week's blog post - 800 of them! - wow lots of enjoyment there...

  2. You have the very best friends and how fun to get together and share the love of fabric and sewing. Yes, I love that pink purse!


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