Tuesday, September 29, 2009

more pics

Here is the happy family! Our son Ashton holding GW, Elena holding Maddy girl. Maddy is a little bit wanting her Mommy. I think she is worried that Mommy might leave again.
This is GW and Maddy's footprints. the ones on the left is GWs. on the right is Maddy's. GW's foot prints are LOOOOOONNNNNNGGGG and skinny. Maddy's was the complete opposite.
He wanted to nurse and stay awake all night. poor parents. we all are hoping tonight will be better!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

oh my gosh!!!! this little guy looks like he is wearing a wig! you can't even see his scalp! My first thought was he looks like a little indian baby with all that hair! that is something my mother always said I looked like when I was born! hmmm....... remember you can click on the pic to enlarge! He has such large hands and feet. maybe GW will be Ashton and Elena's retirement plan! He was busy looking around. he looks so different from our Maddy girl. What's funny is that Elena is in the same room that she was in when she had Maddy!

and here is our little Maddy! she was letting me comb her hair. next thing I knew, she brought me a long piece of ribbon. she wanted it in her hair! she is not too sure about me, but she has given me a kiss! shared a sandwich! and let me tickle her! I even got her ready for bed!!
Now for the adventure part of the day. by the time I got down to get my luggage, we waited maybe 2 minutes and the carousel started beeping that the luggage is here! i am standing there, and here comes my luggage. 2 pieces. both rolling carts - 1 black with a metallic ribbon on the handle, the other red and grey! I go out to the curb, Ashton picks me up and we o to the hospital! we visit, take pics and leave to come home. we play with Maddy a bit, then off to a family birthday dinner for Elena's mother. come home, start organizing my luggage. I open the black one and no baby stuff, no baby quilt, no present for Maddy! someones clothes are in my bag! oops! not my bag! called and explained what happened. Now Ashton is on his way back to the airport...... sigh........ the poor woman is probably beside herself. I feel sooooo bad! not fun to travel and not have your stuff!!!
Well i am pooped, Maddy is asleep. my bed is made I am going to bed! What a crazy, wonderful day!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

GW has arrived!!

our little GW arrived today! around 2:30 this afternoon. he weighs 9 lbs 2 oz, 21 1/2" long and has lots of dark hair that is curly! doesn't he sound beautiful!!! I will post pics tomorrow night. mommy and baby and daddy are doing fine!

you know, it doesn't matter how many grand children you get. 1 or 18! they are so precious and we are so blessed to have this little one come from heaven to our family. what a blessing he is.


baby is on the way!!!!!!

I am so excited. Ashton just called and they were pulling up to the hospital! I will be there tomorrow! Gw is already such a good baby! he isn't going to make grandma wait!!! pictures tomorrow.....

Yeah! I can't wait to hold you sweetie! And Maddy girl, grandma wants a big hug from you!


Friday, September 25, 2009

just some stuff......

next month I get to host our little group - thornberries. well, I thought we needed something more to do! last year I was in Cedar City, UT. Bruce was working, I was looking for quilt stores. someone had told me once to always check Ace Hardware Stores in small towns. So I did! WOW!!!! they had a wonderful fabric section that was to die for! as I was looking around, under some bolts on the counter was a orange pot holder that looked like a jack o lantern. I didn't take a picture and I am just going by memory. But this is what I remember. I used 2 1/2" squares of different orange tonals. black for the eyes and nose. I hand stitched the mouth. I use batting with the silver stuff in it. can't remember what it is called! quilted in the ditch. turned out cute, and that is what we are making!!! wouldn't it be cute using all lime greens for a Frankenstein or witch? how about all whites for a ghost!!!! a few weeks ago, I posted a triple irish chain quilt that I saw and fell in love with! I want soooo badly to make this quilt. so, I joined a swap of 1 1/2 " squares. do you know how tall a stack of 50 are? well, lookee here!!!!!
not very big is it? mercy! below is a pic of 25 sets of 50! not very big! but that is 1250 pics!!!!!

anyway, I have enough to make a couple of blocks..... thank you gals!!!!

Applique day

today was applique club. not a lot of show and tell, but the way I look at it, any show and tell is GREAT!!!!! I know this isn't applique and belongs to redwork, but..... Charlene finished her redwork in the garden by Alex Anderson! this is the back..... and this is the front! she design her quilt to be wide, not long. it looks terrific! Jody D did the quilting and it is wonderful as always!!! Great Job!!!
we were not a big group and had a newbie - Karen come for the first time. we had a great visit. and always relaxing. Oh, Deana got to come. she a a accident in august and hasn't been able to come. so glad she got to come!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Today was Rippers! always, wonderful show and tell! The group was working on the quilt for a family at Christmas. It's turning out sooo pretty. This quilt is by Cherie. She started this a couple of years ago at Redwork group. She has one more border to go!!! yeah!!! soooo pretty! Remember you can click on it to enlarge any picture. Yesterday Rippers had a Traveling teacher - I had to work! Sorry I don't know the teacher's name. Charlene has hers all done and FRAMED!!! it is beautiful.....
This quilt is by Barbara D. we have been doing the Red Delicious quilt BOM. Barb just needs borders, but she says that she is going to replace the teapot block. I love it the way it is! Great job Barb!!


Payson Time again!

Monday was BOM for Cyndi and I. Time to go to Payson! the weather was perfect and we met Cyndi's good friend, Pat at the Red Elephant! We ate outside. Can you see our extra guest - the lizard? he watched us the whole time! Pat and I had the Red Sandwich. there was some red in it, but not sure why they called it the RED sandwich! LOTS of cream cheese. I think I will order the portebello mushroom sandwich next time.
Cyndi had the quiche. it looked very good!

Sorry about the lighting. but this is me, Pat and Cyndi! we had a very relaxing lunch. about 1 1/2 hours!! oh my! but very enjoyable.
before lunch, we went to the quilt shop and picked up our next 2 blocks! I have them already prepped and in the bag for my trip. I know I won't get even a 1/4th done while gone, but it's ALL PREPPED! yahoo!!! I will take a pic of what all is done. you won't believe it!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Last Post Redwork......

Jancye has her Redwork in the Garden top finished. Really pretty!!! Isabelle is busy making Halloween pillowcases.....
Last month Harriet won the door prize. This month Lorraine! this was Lorraine's first time to Redwork and she won!!! This is a mesh bag with embroidery. Great job Harriet!

thank again for being sooo supportive! I love this group....

Part 2 redwork time.....

This is Pam's hip hip hooray quilt. I love it Pam!!! great job.... Janyce is doing the bunnies love embroidery from Bunny Hill. sooo sweet. I have mine all prepped to start!
This is a pillow (she made 2!) for Bonnie and Elaine. I really love that pillow Jancye! (hint, hint....)

this is a BOM from http://www.oldegreencupboard.com/boms.html . Really, Really cute.....Oh Isabelle did this!

here are her pillows, love the little crayon buttons....

stay tuned....

Redwork Time....

hi everyone!! yesterday was redwork group down at the shop. It was also the beginning of shop hop, so it was BUSY!!!! I will be doing 3 posts to get all the pics in - sorry. but they are WONDERFUL sow and tell!!!!! This is Isabelle Christmas Wish block. last one in the series. Elaine did this cross stitch for Bonnie's birthday. It seems bonnie and Elaine share the same birthday! HB girls!!!
Cyndi finished her top of Alex Anderson's Redwork in the Garden. sooooo pretty! Yeah Cyndi!!

Wow, Arlene finished her Winter wonderland for her daughter. This quilt always gives me goosebumps! just beautiful....

this is Carmen's art quilt. click on the pic to make bigger so you can see the details. absolutely beautiful!!!!

stay tuned for the next post.....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another Green Light!!!

Andrew did it again! another green light! Yeah Andrew! I promised him a trip to McD's if he could do another green light. this time just Andrew and Grandma! Andrew LOVES cars!!! you never see him without one. and guess what McD's is giving out with their happy meals? CARS! This time a orange one.....
He must have been hungry cuz he ate his whole hamburger and a lot of fries. when we got home, he crashed on the sofa till Shawna picked him up. We are soooo proud of you Andrew!
we love our GREEN man!

Monday, September 14, 2009

I lied.......

Sorry about that.... GW's quilt is finished!! all done!!!! Jody Driver quilted it for me. I bought this kit at Quilter's Emporium about 9 years ago - I think! I did all the redwork blocks and the pieced blocks and then there it sat! Ashton and Elena came for Christmas last year. I really thought they were going to tell me that Elena was pregnant. I thought I need to find a quilt to do for the new baby. Well they didn't say anything. found this quilt and started finishing it up. In January they called to give us the news. I just knew it!!! in this picture the binding isn't finished, but it is now!!! Yeah!!! GW will arrive in this world, towards the end of the month. or that is the plan. LOL! Can't wait to hold that little guy.... ok, that's it for tonight! sweet dreams everyone....


One more.....

Delores made this darling witch's dish towel! I just took a pick of it up close!!! way too cute..... I promise no more tonight! I am off to bed. (Delores is from Rippers....)



Sorry about having to play "get caught up with all the pictures" time.... but here you go! Friday was Thornberries. This is Terry's finished UFO from about 3 years ago! Go Terry!!! I love the soft blues and browns. one of my favorite combos! This is a Halloween quilt she has been working on. the center is all done! yeah!!! setting beside the top are the borders. She is making these for her little guys....
Several years ago we did a swap of the trees and the red and cream blocks. my quilt is done! Whew!!! Susan made extra and this is from her leftovers! I just love this quilt! It was a great swap!!!
You know I am a sucker for BOM! so here I go again!!! the is Country threads garden club. from several years ago. We decided to do it in our little group. I am starting behind like always! these are the baskets from that BOM. off to the side is another BOM Wildberry Vines by Nancy Odom. I know we are starting this in November for the shop, but TB is going to start it too! I just have to do the pears and wreath and the pieced blocks for #1, and I will be caught up! I guess I am going to be doing A LOT of hand sewing while in CA!

we didn't have many at our meeting, but it is always fun, and relaxing to sit and visit and get caught up! oh, I found out that Bobbi is also doing the BOM from Payson. Tomorrow I will post another block I finished! it feels very good to be on top of that one!!!

Part 2

This quilt was made by Carolyn C. I LOVE this quilt! FUN, FUN, FUN! this is Delores! this is paper pieced and also machine embroidered. if you click on the pic, it will give you a better look see. Beautiful!!!!
This is Deann. she made this purse for a niece - I think! it is made from a pair of jeans. really cute!
This is Charlene. she did a chenille quilt. LOVE the texture. I would love a quilt like this!!! Good job!

This is Carol K again with a postcard quilt. it it from fabric she collected from one of her trips....

We always have a fabric drawing and guess what? I won a 1/2 yard of some civil war type fabric. very pretty!!!

Ripper time......

Last Wednesday was Rippers. Lots of show and tell! I will need to post again for more pics! this is Carol K with a tree skirt she made! This is a little palm tree quilt she made.....
This is an ornament wall hanging she made. it was a class that Audrey taught earlier in the year.

This is Barbara D. with a thanksgiving wall hanging she made. Doesn't that turkey have personality? IT makes me laugh....
This is Adrianne. This is an UFO Halloween wall hanging! Way to go Adrienne!

Next post will have more pics....

Andrew's has a green light!

Our Andrew has had a little adjusting to kindergarten. he is really working hard to get green lights. Well today he did!!! He was sooo excited about it. When the car door opened for him to get in, his first words - I did it! I got a green light! Can we go to Mc Donald's? LOL! We went home and picked up Mom and Gunner man and off we went! I hope we wore the kiddos out for Melissa and Glen! They had a very good time!!!

We are so very proud of you Andrew!! We love you!

Grandma and Grandpa H