Sunday, April 6, 2014


Hi everyone!  I love going to lunch with friends.  there is always laughter, solving the world's problems, talking about our families, and good food! 

Mary and I had lunch at the Blue Lemon  we both had the butternut squash soup.  I know, I said it before, YUMMY!!!!  Mary had the soup too, and also ordered the Hummus plate

  I also ordered the Wild mushroom and feta flatbread. 

it was perfect.  soooooo good.  love carmelized onions.  they are so sweet.  They make life wonderful. 

Mary and I had such a nice visit.  Mary is a wiz with EQ (Electric Quilt software)  the link above takes you to one of her tutorials using EQ7.  She is one of their contributors to their blog.  and she teaches classes at a local quilt shop.  go check her out. 

Just a few doors down is Sweet Tooth Fairy 

They are winners from Cupcake Wars  How cool is that? 
 One of their winning cupcakes is Cream Brulee.  bought one of those.  no picture!  somehow it got eaten too fast.  It did taste like Cream Brulee.  I really liked the cupcake part.  I would have been happy to eat just the cupcake.  I am not big on frosting. 

I also bought German Chocolate cake - Bruce's favorite.  And Red Velvet - my favorite.  no pictures cuz the frosting started to melt.  now, they are not so pretty, but still very delicious. 

I bought some cake bites too.  carrot cake, salted caramel, red velvet and german chocolate. 

the shop is very cute and sweet.  definitely a go again....



  1. Yummy lunch and how fun to share it with a friend. Savor the Flavor...

  2. Lorene, lunch at the Blue Lemon was so good!! The best part was the company! Thanks for mentioning my blog and my EQ talents.


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