Saturday, January 14, 2012

a BIG owie!!!!

well, we tried again for my birthday dinner. Lee called just before we were to go and said we can't come Mom..... why? on the way to the hospital. Zoe got bit by a dog. not sure how it happened, but these are the pics Lee sent me. Poor Zoe! that must have hurt soooooooo badly. and I am sure she was very scared till Daddy got there. oops! sideways pic! sorry.... but here she is with her stitches. 2 inside and 7 outside.

I can't wait to see you Zoe, to hear all about it. I think I might have to go to Zoe tomorrow and bring Popsicles!

love you sweetie!

PS. I did get my dinner.... but we missed you guys.....

Monday, January 9, 2012

Pincushion swap

hi everyone! for the last 6 months at redwork we have been having a wool pin cushion swap. the rules were we each had to prepare the base of our "pincushion", place it in a paper bag, put our name on it and a theme. then each month we would bring them back in. then we would look and see what was done. except the person who belonged to the pin cushion would have to leave the room. then we would place it back in the bag and the person would come back in. then another person would leave. well in December we finally finished. and everyone got to take them home. yeah!!! here are the results.

this was Eleanor's......


Mine! you guys made me cry it is soooooo pretty! thank you!!!!! from the bottom of my heart....

here is Cyndi with hers! I think she really liked hers.....

this is Charlene's. we miss you sweetie!!!

this is Margie's........

here is Susan's

thanks ladies! they are all wonderful.....


Sunday, January 8, 2012

December Redwork

Hi everyone! I know a little late.... but I am here!!! every December we have a luncheon at redwork. this year I brought baked potatoes and everyone brought everything to go on them! yum!!! we also have a tradition of exchanging pin cushions made from found objects! here is one Jeanne made from a tart pan.

a tin, another tart pan and a house

a flower

a chicken

a tea pot

a pear in a clay pot

a bowl with an angel

a thread spool

and mine - an empty dish, no cushion- nada - zip. I found my object, then promptly put it out of my mind. thought I was done. oops! next year for sure.

we played the game "the Wright" lots of fun! everyone got a FQ.

we had lots of fun. laughed a lot. thanks gals for a fun year!


Sunday, January 1, 2012

A House a Day!!!!

Oh my gosh, what am I thinking. making 366 3" houses! at house a blogger from Holland I think has issued the challenge. Make a house every day for a whole year! I hope I can get somewhat ahead so I won't get behind! LOL..... I shouldn't have to buy anything. I went to my drawer of pre cut squares. the biggest square I used was 2". this should be a great way to get rid of extra stash. wish me luck!!! isn't it the cutest little block? fun, fun, fun, and it only took a couple of minutes. my idea of a good thing.....
all the backgrounds will be blue and all the windows will be yellow. I might use the same yellow for the windows. but everything else will not be repeated - that's the plan!!!!

Happy New Year!!


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!! this year has gone by so incredibly fast! mercy.... But Bruce and I have been so blessed this year. many changes, all good. A reminder that the good Lord watches over us and blesses us. we are grateful. I have sooooo many things that I am thankful for. Mostly my husband and all my family. I am so happy when we are together. On this day, I am reminded how fast things can change. I look forward to the new year with great happiness. 2 more grands are coming into our family. one is a girl and in a few days we will find out what the other one is. I look forward to all the exciting things that will be coming our way. thanks for sharing a bit with me!