Thursday, April 24, 2014

Don't you love a new purse?

Hi Everyone!  Remember I said I had one more thing that Mardi made? 

Well, here is the back story......  several months ago, we all were at the 3 Dudes Quilt shop.  Cyndi was buying some Jo Morton Fabric.  I usually don't go for a line of fabric, being the scrappy girl I am.  but I saw this and fell in love.  I can't even tell you what the name of the line is.  I just know it's from Jo Morton.  As I was walking around in the shop, I spied a purse.  the pattern was by Penny Sturgess.  Carol Ann's Tote  then the light bulb went off.  That fabric I fell in love with and this pattern!  A perfect pairing. 

Well, I bought fabric and the pattern.  brought it home and there it sat in the bag.  Sigh.....  fast forward a few months.....  Mardi asked if I had any new purse/totes patterns that would be good for a class.  Oh yeah, Mardi.  I even have the fabric.  So sweet dear Mardi would make up my purse for me, if she could keep it till she taught her class....  Mardi is such a perfectionist.  her stitching is perfect. 

So while we all are talking and laughing, Mardi brings this out!

Mardi knows someone who makes these buttons.  it is perfect! 
See that button in there?  last Christmas I gave everyone wooden buttons with there names on them.  Mardi used one here, kind of like a label!  Oh Mardi, Thank you so much for my bag.  She will be teaching it next month if anyone is interested. 


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  1. Aren't you the clever one to just happen to have beautiful fabric and purse pattern for your friend Mardi to make for a class teaching. Love it! Also really like the little button label. How did you personalize the wooden buttons? Creative Bliss Dear...


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