Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Juliet bag class

Recently I taught the Juliet bag - me and my sister. love how the bags turned out. you gals did a super good!
I am soooo sorry, but I don't remember this ladies name. I love red and I love this red purse. Cindy O made this fall one. mine looks so springy and this one is so very different from mine. well they all are. isn't it amazing you can make the same thing as everyone and yours will look so different because of the fabric choices. good job Cindy!
this is Linda M from Canada! she is making her mother a series of different bags for her mother. with all with the same fabric. she also made the cuff much wider because she was using a border fabric. Linda is not afraid to experiment. me? I have to follow the pattern.

anyway, it was a great class because of the fun ladies! thank you!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

New Class sample - Pinafore Bag

Finished a new sample for the Pinafore bag class. I think it's in January. just love the bag and the pockets. soooooo roomy!


Mom and I have decided to start walking. I don't like it. I don't like exercise. I don't like to sweat, wait, perspire. Ladies do not sweat! LOL...... here we are on our first morning - 7:15 AM we walked 1.5 miles. at the end of the week we were at almost 2.5! the following week we managed 3! I am really proud of us. we are doing it!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Recieving blankets

recently one of Melissa's friends was having a baby shower. she is having a little girl. so I made a couple of receiving blankets. they turned out soooo pretty. Here's how I make them. I take 1 1/4 yard of washed flannel. cut off the selvages and square up. fold up the edges 1/4 inch and sew. fold up the edges one more time 1/4 inch and sew again. they are nice and big and last for a very long time. the kiddos at 3 years old still are using them!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Family Cheer

While at Ashton and Elena's home we were invited for their nightly family prayer. it was so very sweet. They always started with a primary song, with maddy holding the song book. Then Ashton read from the Book of Mormon. just a few versus. he would pick one scripture and have Maddy repeat it word for word, like she was reading. then they would have family prayer. when finished we would gather around and have a family cheer.

Thank you kids for sharing those moments with us! we love the spirit in your home.

Lots of missing you hugs.....


Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Quilt

I don't think that Ashton, Elena and the grandkiddos can't come for Thanksgiving. So I wanted to give them a Christmas quilt so they could use it all month long. Our little Maddy promptly took possession of the quilt and told everyone it was hers! so she has slept with it at night. So I know she likes it. Merry Christmas kiddos!

love you all.....

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Day With Terry

Recently one of our Thornberries moved to Sacramento! Terry P. we sure miss her. so while there we got to spend the day. Thank you Terry! This is the front of her home. it looks like a cottage! so cute.
She fixed a yummy chili for us. Gave me a tour of her home. sooooo pretty! Then off to Quilter's Corner. it's a very nice store there in Sacramento! fun, fun, fun! I did manage to find a couple of things. some Halloween fabric for a backing. A Cranberry Hill witch's hat embroidery, a binding tool and a think a couple of other things, but they escape me right now. it was a very relaxing and fun day. Thank you Terry! can't wait to see you again next month!

you are a sweetie.......

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Maddy and Gideon

we got to spend some time with Ashton and Elena in Sacramento. Sacramento is a beautiful city. I was surprised to learn that Mesa is larger! here is GW (Gideon) and sweet Maddy. A family picture with everyone!
Here is our man GW. now he just finished a yummy popsicle. so he is a happy camper. it was very hard getting a picture of him. he was either running away from me, or running someplace. I got lots of side views and back views but very few front views! look again at the above pics! LOL......

Here is Maddy girl. happy, happy, happy! just love her smile!

loved every minute while there Kids! thank you soooo much!
love ya

Friday, November 12, 2010


Thornberries! Yeah! love Thornberries Day! There was Bobbi, Sue, Terry S and I. small but a great time. first off, 3 of us decided to do a pincushion swap - anything goes. So Sue made the strawberry, Terry made the fall one and I made the donut. Sue won the donut, Terry won the strawberry and I won the fall one. what fun. we are such suckers for pincushions! LOL..... for Show and Tell I brought 2 Christmas quilts I finished.

This is Sue's I spy. so pretty and bright! love it!

several years ago we swapped pastel fabrics. Mercy I have no idea where mine are.... sigh.... but Sue made this quilt with hers. I love it!

Terry finished this one. she was also working on another 2 baby quilts. Wish I had taken pics of those! all of them were sooooo pretty......

we exchanged the red and cream blocks and paper pieced the trees and a couple of years ago. this is how terry put hers together. love the setting Terry!
TB is always such a relaxing fun day. usually lots of show and tell, and some work and lots of solving world problems! and always a good listening ear.
love you guys.....

Halloween Time in CA

We were lucky enough to spend Halloween with Trina and Micheal and there great kids! Love you guys! here are the grandkiddos getting ready to carve the pumpkins. and here is the results! great jobs kiddos!
On Sunday night we had a scary Halloween diner. Yum! here are their plates!

Here is Lowell and Belle helping Mom make mummy dogs!

Jewel and I made the cupcakes. thanks sweetie for helping me......

we had so much fun and laughed and laughed! Also while there we played spoons, life, and BS. my cheeks still hurt from laughing so much.
Thanks kids! Grandpa and I had a wonderful time.....
love you all.....
Grandma H

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Soccer and Football

ok, I did it again, pics in wrong order! sorry, and here we go! Jordyn is a Jr. on the football team. sorry sweetie, can't remember what position you do. we missed his game because it was far away. he was a sweetie and put on the uniform so I could see what he looks like. doesn't he look excited to show me! you are a good sport Jordyn! thank you sweetie! I did get to go to Logan's last game. sadly they lost by 4 points. he plays center. it was a great game - lots of action! that Logan can knock kids down that were a lot taller than him. here he is going through the banner!
He is #2! go Logan!

ok, here is where I messed up the pics! here is ninja man and Belle sound asleep after soccer. they were completely worn out. as soon as Lowell got home, off came the soccer clothes and on came the ninja clothes! I think he liked his costume!
This is before the game, happy little kids.......
Lowell played almost the whole game. he was fearless. right in there getting that ball. here he is kicking the ball.....
Belle did pretty good too. the coach had her in. she loves to run!

at this age, no scores are kept. but that is ok. they really had lots of fun. great games kiddos!!!!
love you
Grandma H.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween Trunk or Treat

Trina's ward had a trunk or treat for Halloween. the kids went around and around till all the candy was gone. these kids got LOTS of candy. they are set for a long time....... Lowell won some scarey teeth..... Lowell was a ninja warrior......
Lowell tried the donut thing and got it!

Julia was a rock star.... I didn't see too much of her. off with friends......

Belle was a very pretty witch.....

Logan was a dead football player.......
and Belle also won some scarey teeth!

love you guys...,,,
Grandma H

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Being Healty

our little Lowell - age 5, is all about being healthy. he has a condition where many years ago they would put the poor child in casts from the hip down, with a bar separating the feet. it looked soooooo uncomfortable. Now they tell the parents, exercise, exercise, exercise! be active. swim, play sports, ride horses! be very active! so our Lowell is all about being healthy. he came up to me and said "Grandma, I do 3 things to stay healthy." so I asked, "what do you do Lowell?"

I eat grapes! it gives me muscles! I do push ups......
and I do pull ups!

this is one strong little guy. He doesn't let any one stop him!
We love you Lowell....
Grandma H

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dumpling Night!

one of my favorite meals my mom used to fix us was chicken and dumplings! YUM! so while visiting Trina and her family I fixed it for them. Belle likes only liquids so it was a no go for her. but mom and Lowell loved it!
so did Julia......
and Jordyn......
Mike and Logan were at football practise so they ate their later. Whenever I eat this it always brings back lots of memories.......
Would you like the recipe? here you go.....
Chicken and Dumplings
chicken - this time we used thighs. use what ever you like.
herbs - basil, oregano, sage, some of each
garlic - minced
Lawry's seasoned salt
celery with the leaves on, chopped
onions, chopped
grated carrots
1. place chicken in large pot. add water to cover the chicken
2. add herbs, garlic, Lawry's. salt and pepper. I use kosher salt and freshly ground pepper. season to taste. cover with lid and bring to a boil. cook until the chicken is done.
3. when the chicken is done, remove and debone the chicken. completely remove the skin and discard. shred chicken and place back into the pot.
4. add vegetables. add more water if needed. cook until vegetables are done. make sure there is plenty of liquid. you can add more water if needed. I like the pot to be about 3/4 full.
5. make the dumplings according to the directions that are on the Bisquick box. cook as directed.
6. when you open the lid the broth will be creamy, the dumplings light and oh so good!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Julia wanted to show me the horses they ride and Lowell wanted to go too! Trina said that if there is a tree, Lowell will be in it. so here he is! not sure how he did it, but he got up there! Here is Lowell practising on the barrell, with Miss Debby holding him up.
Julia is on Charlie. Charlie is blind. it doesn't seem to bother him. he is very sweet.

This is Tanny. she loves apples. Lowell kept dropping the apples before Tanny could get it. Lowell didn't want to loose any fingers!

Julia and Mom were feeding an apple to Charlie too....

These horses are sooooo big! I think I would be a little intimidated to ride them. but it doesn't bother the kids at all!
great job kiddos!