Thursday, March 25, 2010

Grandmother's Flower Garden

Hi everyone! Today was a work day and we had so much show and tell! I love it when people bring in show and tell.... Anyway, Judy brought in some Grandmother's Flower Garden quilts that she has picked up at antique stores. In this picture, she bought all the loose blocks at an estate sale. there must have been over 100 blocks. all just beautiful and done by hand. This one was also done by hand. Judy quilted it on her long arm. be sure and click on the picture to see it up close!! you can do that on all the pictures. the quilter used bubble gum pink for her pathways. I love it!!
Now this one is unusual too! this time the quilter used a floral fabric to kind of frame each hexagon flower. truly beautiful. it was hand pieced and hand quilted. I love them all...
Oh and this is Becca, she wanted me to take her picture with Barky! she is such a cutie!

Thanks for looking....


Monday, March 22, 2010

A New Toy!

I love to quilt! it is my passion. the only thing(s) I love more is my husband and my family. I love seeing my kids and grands sleeping or snuggling under one of the quilts I made. I love it when my grandson Justin asks for another quilt because his is too short for his long legs. I love the process of picking out the fabric, cutting it out, sewing it together and making list of what I have accomplished. I am not a very good machine quilter and I have blamed it on the limitations of the set up I have now. A original HQ with a Juki machine. I soon lost interest in machine quilting because of how limited I was. That's my excuse!

Anyway, on one of the lists I frequent, someone offered their HQ16 with a table for free. Only thing was they had to come and take it down and take it away. I was lucky enough to be the first to respond. So I made plans with this generous woman and on Saturday, my husband, my son, my son in law and grandson all came with me to pick up my new toy.

Thank you guys for for taking apart this baby so carefully. and to the wonderful lady who is so very generous, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am humbled to have been given this treasure. It might be a week or two before I get it set up. but right now I am reading everything I can so I will be ready to play!!

Redwork Club

Hi everyone! Redwork club was Friday. good as always. here is Rita with her March calender quilt. please click on all the pictures so you can see the details. they are great!!
Lauretta made a tool holder that was so cute. she had the drawing this month and made one for the drawing! Yeah!!!
Here is a quilt top Lauretta finished. she is working on making a quilt for all her grand kids. they will love them all, I am sure.
Here is Harriet's simple Irish Chain. you have to click on the pic so you can see the embroidery. it's lovely.....
Harriett with her February and March calender quilts. great job!
Here is Carmen. she always has something different to show. this is a bag that started out as a sweater. Carmen felted the wool sweater and then made a bag from it. Way too cute Carmen!
thank you ladies. I always love Redwork day. everyone is so talented.

UFO #8

well, another UFO bites the dust! #8. this is Pasttimes, a kit from Moda from 2 years ago, I think. this is the only thing I have gotten done this month. sigh..... I have 6 quilts waiting to be quilted. I am feeling really better with lots of energy. so on Wednesday, I will be sewing binding on as many quilts as I can, so I can start doing the hand work.
Anyway, it does feel good to have another one done.



The Smith Family

I can't believe it has been a couple of weeks since I last blog. I have a good excuse! I was sick with whatever was going around. not a happy camper at all. anyway, Melissa brought the boys over to see how I was doing. Andrew is at the age he is loosing his teeth. If you click on the picture you can see how big his tooth is coming in. Isn't he a cutie? Love you Andrew! OK, true confession time. I love Pringles Jalapeno Chips. Bruce calls them my stress chips. anyway, Gunner man found them. here he takes a bite
another bite.......
and then the heat finds him....... I am so sorry Gunner man. I tried to tell you and take them away. but he was very unhappy until I gave them to him. the problem is, now he looks for the chips and wants more! oh dear.....
Love you boys!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sacramento Crew!

Elena sent me pictures yesterday. Apparently, our little Maddy woke up quietly and found the diaper rash cream. she then painted her bedroom and herself! she does look a little pale. but still such a cutie! I am pretty sure her daddy did the same thing! Here is our GW all bundled up in his little bear outfit! His daddy's nickname was bear!
I don't know if you remember, but GW was born with a head of hair. almost looked like a wig on the little guy. Well, he is 5 months old now, and just starting to loose a little bit of hair in the back. Mom and Dad decided he needed his first haircut! So, GW now has a buzz just like Daddy!

Thanks Elena for sending such great pics! we love them and appreciate you doing this for us.
I have been sick with whatever has been going around. YUCK! so I haven't done much sewing. just sleeping, watching a lot of TV, reading and a little bit of handwork. enough to finish all the blocks of my be attitudes quilt. Yeah!!! so the blocks are together and I just need to finish the borders. I am thinking that this quilt be one of the next quilts that go to Joann! It will be so nice to hang it in my family room.