Saturday, August 29, 2009

I still love you.....

I know Bruce loves me very much! I suggested we go to 2 movies. one for me and one for him. I REALLY wanted to see Julie and Julia! so that's what we saw. Very nice. I would love to live into my nineties with my husband! We wanted to have a very nice, quiet, relaxing celebration. Bruce was a sweetie and gave me the lemonade glass container from Costco i have been wanting for a while. Thank you!!! WE then drove over to Cafe Boa. I had never heard of it. Low and behold, it is in the same shopping center as 3 Dudes Quilting!! the cafe wasn't open yet, so we wondered down to 3 dudes. had some good cookies! found sock monkey fabric for a little blanket for GW. when they found out it was our anniversary, they sang to us! LOL! very nice.....
Cafe Boa, was beautiful! Scrumptious! Relaxing! it was a perfect ending to a wonderful day. This was a much better dinner than we had on our wedding night. I hadn't eaten all day, and only had a little bit of cake that night. so on our way to our hotel, Bruce stopped at Dairy Queen. too funny. This was our appetizer....

I had scallops and Bruce had the beef medallions! YUMMY! they brought us the creme brule! it was the best I have ever had. perfect!

And hear we are, 34 years still together! Bruce as Julia's sweetheart said, "You are the butter to my bread!" Thank you sweetie! I would like another 34 years please.......


I Love you Forever.....

34 Years ago today, I married my sweetheart! I cannot believe it has been that long. Mercy!!!! We went to Eggintons for breakfast. always yummy! I almost forgot to take pics of our breakfast! Bruce had this cheesy thing. Very good!

I had O Pear something! Mercy was it delicious! the english muffins has cinnamon on them. the omelet was full of Brie cheese. It was REALLY good!

the day we were married it was sooooo hot! we went and picked up our wedding cake and by the time we got to the church, it was starting to melt. I was so worried. the ladies that were helping me decorate sent me home and not to worry. Everything looked perfect by the time I got to the church. And the cake didn't look any worse for wear.

Appilque Club!

Friday was Applique club down at the shop. All of these ladies are soooo talented. Robin helped me with my points. I think I might be getting it! Yeah!!! This is..... Oh my gosh, now I can't remember her name! I am soooo sorry.... this quilt is reverse applique and it's only 2 pieces of fabric. it is just beautiful. she hand appliqued it and now she is starting to hand quilt it. Her work is just beautiful!!!! This is Mary. and her pattern is from a piecemakers. up close it is wonderful! little tiny stitches......
This quilt is from the book Rosie the riveter. it's all paper pieced. no applique. Arlene you are forgiven. it is fabulous!!!!!

Darlene has a prize to give out, and I won!!!! it was a scissor holder with Jeanna Kimball needles and thread! Thank you Darlene! I loved it! sorry no pic!
Demi had 4 teeth out on Friday and her dentist is just around the corner from the shop. so Jenn brought Demi to me when they were all done. I took Demi to Wendy's for a frosty. (no straws, just a spoon) then home we went. She watched Twilight, had some soup and fell asleep. She slept for several hours. Then in the car to take her home. we just happened to drive by Jumba Juice so we had to stop.... After I dropped off Demi, I went looking for the goodwill by the apartment. Found it. didn't find what I was looking for, but found 2 6 foot paper holder, storage thingies. I didn't need them, but called Melissa and she wanted them. both cost $15.98 total!!! great deal. so then I went to Ikea to kill some time cuz I was going to pick up Melissa from work to take her home. I managed to find a few good things! LOL!
Glen and Melissa were sweet to invite me for dinner - and Lee too! so we all went to Outback! Yummy!!!! it was a very nice day.......


Wednesday was Rippers. and Sharon had some show and tell for us all. her grandson is getting married so the following pics are of the quilt she is giving her grandson and his bride. It was beautiful!!! She even had made the label.....
AND pillow shams......

And a tote for everything! BTW, Sharon is an excellent LongArmer!!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gunner man!

It has been busy for us the last couple of weeks. 2 weeks ago, Jenn and her family moved. this weekend, Melissa and her family moved. Melissa asked if Gunner man could spend the night Friday, since they were starting at 6 AM Saturday morning. Bruce and I were game. we both would rather babysit than move boxes! LOL! We have this big comfy chair in our family room and Gunner man loves sitting there and being upside down. he can stand on his head without falling, it's so comfy! So here is our little guy acting upside down!

Another thing Gunner man loves is music! we were watching the Wiggles, as soon as the music comes on, he starts dancing! What fun to watch!
Bruce took Gunner man to home depot with him. as they walked into the store, Gunner man's eyes got real big and he said Ohhhhh, wow! this from a 2 year old. He had never been to home depot before! I guess he really liked it. Bruce said he was so well behaved. This is a child that runs everywhere! He was in his happy place! LOL!

Later on Melissa came and got gunner man. later that night Lee and Zoe came over to watch the Cardinals play. Poor Lee had a really bad week. he hurt the top of his foot, he was playing church basketball and got hit right above the eye - so he looks like he has a black eye, and his crown came off and broke in several pieces! Mercy! Then the Cardinals lost. Well tomorrow is a new week! Zoe enjoyed watching me sew and handing me straight pens. She is so fascinated by straight pins!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Redwork Day!

Today was redwork down at the shop. so a another great fun day. Thank you ladies for all of your support! Michelle demoed Paper embroidery! Awesome and looks like sooooo much fun! thank you Michelle! Harriet won our door prize. Thanks Rita for providing the prize! it was wrapped all pretty in purple. Charlene told Harriet that she will win it because it was purple. we all thought that purple was her fav color. Nope, she is not fond of purple. But she is doing her DJ in purple!!!!! Well she won! Rita made a holder for clothespins and provided some clothespins too!!! it was made from Laurel Burch kitty fabric! job well done!!!
Here is Harriet's block for redwork in the garden pattern we are working on. she enlarged it and it looks great! purple and green, hmmmmm Harriet are you sure you don't like purple? LOL!

on the next post are more pics......

Redwork Day 2!

sue Williams stopped by for show and tell. this is the Halloween pattern from Crab Apple Hill! I LOVE IT!!!!! Great job Sue! Here is Charlene again with her Redwork in the Garden. very nice! I am soooo proud of you!
This time it's Charlene with a small quilt from Family Gatherings from Hatched and Patched. Love those Australian designers. I think I need every pattern from them.

This is Charlene with her tisket and tasket. we did this pattern earlier in Redwork group. she has hers hanging up in her home. good job!

This is Charlene's little pillow insert from last month. she added the little ant! too cute.....

Great job everyone! thanks for sharing....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hmmmmm, I found them!

the other day at Terry's (our P3 day), someone started talking about coconut M &M's! and how hard the were to find. Judy said she had found them at Walgreen's. so I stopped there on my way home - none! they weren't sure if they were going to get any more in. Well today I went grocery shopping - Fry's at Ellsworth and Broadway! I was checking out in line and asked about them. she said yes, they carry them, but had no idea were I would find them. she said that someone had just bought some. She said she would let me go and check while she was checking me out. there was no one bagging for her. so I went to the candy isle - none! panic!!! as I was hurrying back, they had a huge display with palm trees. there they were! and the best part? 2 for $5! These are the bigger bags - not the individual! so I picked up my two bags. How do they taste? Yummy! like a mounds bar! I wonder what they would taste like in oatmeal cookies? I put one bag in the freezer - for later. the other one is open and I have had a few.... now I am feeling like I have had too much sugar, so I need to hide them! should I share with Bruce - oh yes! Will I share with Bruce? I guess I have to, he reads my blog now and again.... Love you sweetie! I will LOVE to share with you!

enjoy.... they are worth the hunt....


Fun with Grandkids......

the grandma bus was up and running yesterday! Lexi and Demi had half days, and Jen couldn't meet the girls. so the Gbus was activated! LOL! after I picked up the girls then off to pick up Andrew! First stop was McDonald's for ice cream cones and a little playtime there...... Lexi girl on the slide.....
My red headed guy, Andrew on the slide......

Home we went! ever since I had cupcakes at Terry's and then watching all these kids at Andrew's school walking around eating cupcakes, well, I just had to make some. so Demi helped me make them..... Sent with all the kids the cupcakes except the 2 I saved for Bruce and I. after cupcakes, Demi wanted popcorn. she thinks I make the best popcorn. so I did that too! I know, very healthy snacks for the kids! ice cream, cupcakes and popcorn! oh well, they were happy and that makes me happy!
Love my grands!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I had to run down to the shop today and meet Jodi. she is quilting GW quilt. I UFO from 2002!!! while there Janet came in with my dream quilt. A Triple Irish Chain!!! WOW!!!! these are 1 1/2" cut squares. some are fussy cut. can you find the moose? it's upside down. there are bees, flowers, elephant and so much more. A I spy for grown ups!
Here is a close up of the corner border. I love this quilt. Janet's applique is exquisite! Jodi's quilting is wonderful and just makes the quilt. It was a solid cream on back so it shows off the quilting. I wish I had a pic of that!
Here is a close up of the squares. All scraps!!! Wow!

Another pic of the border......

And here is the quilt! don't you love it? I told Janet I could be adopted! Sorry Mom! this quilt just makes my heart skip a beat! I talked one of my groups in doing a swap, but they want 2 1/2" squares...... much easier, but oh my heart wants the 1 1/2" squares.......


P3 Day! Or Never say never!!!

I have such talented friends! I have always done needle turn method of applique. I love it. it's relaxing. not a lot of supplies are needed. Well down at the shop EVERYONE is doing P3 (click here) applique. I thought - Nope not me, never going to do it, too much work. I am happy with what I am doing. Well, I kept looking at Robin, Terry, Cyndi, Cindy, Charlene and all the other ladies in the applique club that do the P3 method. It's sooooooo flat. I like flat! that was my one complaint about my needle turn method. It was puffy! I want flat! I was talking to Terry the other day and she said we need a P3 Day!!! So yesterday was it. Terry, Judy and Denise all showed me how to do it! Mindy got to come for lunch and visit for a while. Denise was very patient and encouraging. Thank you Denise. Terry was throwing little hints my way.
I was at Ikea with Jenn on Saturday. as I was looking I found these cute little bowls for everyone. they are stainless steel and sooooo tiny! this is to hold the starch.
These are Denise's eagles. they were perfect! she had them all done before I finished up my block! Terry was working on lots of different stuff and Judy was working on a turtle quilt. sorry I didn't get pics!
Here is block one from tisket a tasket from bunny hill. I already have the first 4 blocks done the old way. so I thought I would compare them both. Darn, didn't take a pic of the needle turn one. believe me, this one is MUCH flatter. I have the stitching almost done, so I will take a pic of it and then put up the comparison. I think I have been won over by P3. it really wasn't a lot of work. I enjoyed the process. I learned so much, thank you girls for helping me out!!! we might have to have another P3 day!!!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Christmas Wish....

here is the last block I have done for Gail Pan's A Christmas wish. I just love these blocks. so easy to do and FAST!!!!! she has another just listed - the link is on the left hand side of my blog under BOM. With watching Gunner this week, I haven't done any sewing. He is such a curious little guy, that well, we don't want to go there and have something happen! I have just been doing some embroidery for a minute at a time, here and there. when he leaves in the early evening, well, Grandma is too pooped to do anything else! Good news though, Bruce comes home tonight! This time was Palestine, TX. Hope he doesn't have to do much traveling for a while....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

1st day of school......

Andrew's first day of kindergarten was yesterday! He was soooo excited. when I picked him up after school, he told me of all the fun games he played! He wanted to go back again. today when I took him to school we walked up to the teacher, and she told him to leave his backpack and he could go and play on the playground. he looked at me, I said yes, he dropped his bag and off he ran! He didn't look back to wave or anything! LOL! I had Gunner in my arms and he wanted to run after big brother! I am so glad that Andrew is so excited about school. I can't wait to hear more of his adventures.....


Gunner man.......

Melissa and Glen's little guy - Gunner man turn two! I can hardly believe it. he is getting sooo big. He is talking up a storm. however he still doesn't say Grandma!! I have always said to him GRRRRRRRRRRRandma. he laughs and says MRRRRRRRma, ma, ma! or if he is talking to me, it's ma, ma, ma. if he wants his mother, it's mommy. Gunner LOVES music. this week I am watching him and when I turn on the wiggles, he starts to laugh and dance! when I was having children, I would pray that someday I would have a blond blue eyed child (we are all brunettes and brown eyes) or a red headed child. well, Ashton is my blue eyed blond. Melissa has deep dark auburn hair and brown eyes. everyone else is brown hair, brown eyes! I waited 35 years to get my red headed child - Gunner!!! Grrrrrranma loves you sweetie!!


Lee's birthday

Mercy, so much has been going on! busy, busy, busy! this past weekend it was my oldest son's birthday - he turned 37! I can't believe I have a child almost 40 years old. Oh my goodness.....he was always such a loving sweet little guy. full of hugs and kisses for his mom. He is a caregiver. he might not look like it on the outside - which is Mr. Tough man, but he is a sweetie, and I am so proud of him. whenever my hubby goes out of town, he is the first one to call and make sure everything is OK here. Love ya Lee! oh, BTW everyone, he is single! he has a good job, a beautiful 3 year old, Zoe, and owns his own home! I will pass on any applications.... LOL!!!
Happy Birthday sweetie.....

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Blog Candy!!!!

Oh my goodness! would you like a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to Bunny Hill? I sure do! here is the link: she has a really cool blog too!



more pics about getaway

On Thursday night we went over to my brother's home. This is my brother Dean and his wife Kris. I could have stayed on their back porch forever. It was so cool, lots of little birds. They have little wiener dogs. very cute! I forgot to take their pics.... This is my parents - Larry and Gwen. They always look so good together!

Lee and I. Just before I left to go home.....

These handsome boys are Dean and Kris's sons. Jeff and Bric. They have one older - Bobby, he lives in the valley.

Vacation getaway!

I just spent the week in Pinetop/Lakeside, AZ. Oh I did not want to come home at all! the weather was perfect. the coldest was in the lower 50's. I slept under 3 quilts!!!! the highest it got was in the lower 80's. Mercy did it feel good! this is Zoe and Buffy. they became great friends while she was up there! Maybe it was all the treats she gave him and Bogey! This is the boys- as my mother says, my brothers! Buffy and Bogey. there was a squirrel they heard. I know they were trying to protect us!

Here is the little squirrel. Dad put peanuts out and he just wasn't sure about it! he would take one and run up the tree to eat it!

Mom and Dad have 3 hummingbird feeders. He has to fill them up every day. Dad is trying to get the hummers to land on his finger. they are close to doing it!

Before Zoe and I went to Pinetop, we stopped in Payson to see my Aunt Gloria and Harriet. they took us out for some wonderful Mexican food.

More about the trip in the next installment!