Wednesday, January 30, 2013

#8 and 9 UFOs DONE! and stash report!

Hi everyone!!!  lots to report so there will be a couple of posts.  First my finished UFOs.  

first is a wallet that I teach.  Love this wallet.  it has 15 slots for credit cards.  5 large pockets, one of which is a zippered pocket.  it has a special place for your drivers license.  it's the perfect size for me!  takes a total of almost 3/4 yard.  I have had this one and 4 or 5 others cut out forever.  now I just have to finish the others.
Inside of wallet

 Next is a wedding quilt.  my brother is getting married.  it's wonderful to see him soooo happy.  We love Barbie.  she is perfect for Ronny.  Barbie found this idea on Pinterest.  LOVE Pinterest!  she wanted a quilt made of labels for everyone to sign at the wedding.  She also wanted king size!  haven't done one of those for a while.  I ought 6 panels.  sewed them 3 across and 2 down.  added 3 borders.  Started this back in October.  It's all done.  it finished at 98" x 110".  took about 16 yards of fabric.  top, backing and binding.  Mercy, it's one big quilt.  

My stash report:  (I know it's late, but was out of town)

bobbins used this week: 1
bobbins used year to date: 6
Fabric used this week:  16 7/8 yards
Fabric used year to date:  20 yards
Fabric added this week:  3 yards
Fabric added year to date: 9 yards

Net fabric add for 2013:  -11 yards Yeah!!!

UFOs finished this week: 2
UFOs finished year to date:  9

Update of fab 4:
Apple quilt with Vicki:  traced all the apples, and cut them out, fused to charms
dear Jane - nothing
wedding quilt  - done
Justin's quilt - top done

That's all folks!


Friday, January 25, 2013

Somemore UFO's done!

Hi again eveyone!  Wednesday I took a class to finish up some little UFO's from last summer.  I took a series of classes that had to do with traveling.  we made a passport holder, make up bag, a large bag to hold everything, a jewelery holder.  I am sure there were several other things, I just can't remember what.  So back to the shop to finish the last few items.  for one reason or the other, I was able to finish them.  But they are done now!!!

ok, going left to right is a little mirror, luggage tags ( there are two, but only one in the picture), a bag ( the front is vinyl - great for toothbrush, toothpaste etc) and a little folded thing for holding a small pair of scissors and needles for traveling. 
 I figure I used maybe 1/2 yard of fabric total.  so now my collection of travel accessories is done!  I did buy more of the fabrics so I could make some shoe bags and maybe a laundry bag.  other than that, it's pretty complete!  




Thursday, January 24, 2013

My (New to me) Treadle Machine!

Hi everyone!  I have a lovely aunt who lives in Maine.  In her attic she had several treadle machines.  she always told me that one of them was mine.  the problem was I live in AZ and she is in Maine.  I always thought I might go and pick it up!  She decided that she would send it to me.  I am sooo thankful for her!  

So in November a BIG shipping crate was delivered!
This is my dad, unscrewing all the screws.  There was a BUNCH!  
It's a Wheeler Wilson

Here is the badge on the bed of the machine

It's a coffin lid for the machine.  It does not go down into the cabinet. 
 And here she is!  isn't she beautiful?  I was told I need to name her, so in honor of my Aunt, she is Joanie!  

OK, here are the stats:  the last patent date is March 25, 1890.  I was told she was probably made in 1894/1895.  Thanks to Karol and Ralph from the Treadlon list, they put a new belt on and found a sewing needle clamp to attach.  Then Gary (also on the treadlon list) fix the foot pedal - there was a crack. and found several needles for me.  So this morning we tried it and it worked smoothly, quietly, and had beautiful stitches!!!  

I want to make a little table topper on it.  but I have to raise it just a bit.  the carpet interferes in the treadling!  Gary said maybe some coasters?  

she is so beautiful!  I look forward to some peaceful stitching.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart Aunt Joan!  you made a dream come true!!!  



Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Wedding shower!

Hi everyone!  My brother is getting married in 2 weeks.  he has found the love of his life and she him!  We love Barbie!  We decided a family party would be just the thing to celebrate.  we have a lovely park just around the block from our home.  so two of my daughters and I planned the big event! 

this is junk in the trunk!  take a kleenix box and empty it.  make slits on the sides of the box and run a ribbon through both sides.  take the plastic off of the top of the box.  add 4 ping pong balls.  tie around child's waist.  we yelled ready, set go and the kids had to wiggle and jump  to get the balls to fall out of the box.  they had 1 minute.  oh my gosh!  we laughed soooo hard!  the kiddos loved it.  Jackson won!

Next game:  Cookies!  the purpose was to place the cookie on your forehead and with your facial muscles get it to your mouth!  again we laughed and laughed.       
gunner didn't quite get it.  he wrinkled his forehead, it slipped down his nose. and took his hand and popped it in his mouth!  yum!!!  Demi won!
oh my gosh, our men are such good sports!  this one you place a golf ball in the bottom of one leg of a NEW pantyhose.  place it on your head.  then place 4 water bottles equal lengths apart.  try and knock down the water bottle with no hands.  My dad won!  by this time our sides are hurting......

this was stacking cups within a minute.  Ronny and Barbie won. 
Even Hudson had a great time!

the kids played stacking hearts. 

then the best for the last!  the brides had to design a dress with TP and Kleenex on their men.  again the men were good sports!  and the pretty little girl is Eva. 
then it was present time!  The happy couple received some nice things.  they opened the quilt last.  sorry I didn't get pics of the other presents.  oops!  Barbie had seen a quilt on pinterest that she wanted to do for their wedding.  she wanted a signature quilt for their wedding.  she asked if I could help.  oh yeah!!!  so we started looking in earnest.  on green fairy quilt blog, she had taken several panels of labels and made a quilt.  and that was what was decided on.  I will post a better pic in a few days when I get the binding on.  and I will share how I made it. 
so that was the shower!  we are so excited to have Barbie join our family.  I love seeing how happy my brother is!  he is always smiling! 



Tuesday, January 22, 2013

redwork time!

this is Jancye with our one of our current projects.  I just love this blessing quilt.  I am sure I am sounding like a broken record to everyone. but I really do love this quilt we are working on....
This is Jeanne, she is not sure what she going to do with these 7 blocks.  but they are darn cute!

This is Cathy, she is new to our club.  love her gingerbread man!

this is Cyndi.  she made this C to go in her sewing room!

This is Susan.  this is a swap some of us are participating in.  the pattern is from Amy Bradley.  love it!  Well that's it for this month!  Enjoy!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

update for the past week

hi everyone!

no pics this time.  just an update. 

I have seen on a lot of blogs a weekly stash report.  I would like to start doing that too.  so here is my first update of the year! 

bobbins used this week:  1
bobbins used year to date:  6

fabric used this week:  0
fabric used year to date: 3 1/8

Added fabric this week: 0
Added year to date: 9 yards

finished UFO so far this year:  3

fab 4 for the month:  1.  apple quilt with vicki
                                         2.  embroidered dear jane
                                 3.  wedding quilt for barbie and ronny
                                 4.  blessings quilt

I will be finishing the wedding quilt this week.  just have to do the binding and label.  the others I will work on and probably not finish, but will get closer. 

we had a very busy weekend.  so I will be blogging about a shower and redwork later this week. 


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

another bites the dust!

hi again!  this is the first of 12 little wall hangings.  my red work group picked Pat Sloan's red work with a twist.  there is a lovely quilt in there that the blocks represent every month.  lots of the ladies wanted  to make it into a small table top wall hanging.  so I got it all figured out and the first one made.  I started this last month.  I have all the months prepped and ready to hand stitch.  so it is a legal UFO!  LOL....  in fact February is already stitch and ready to quilt!  I am ahead!  I hope I am on a roll.... this is 13" x 14"  - I think!  I figure I used about 3/4 yard.  which is a very good thing.  every little bit helps! 

thanks for looking! 
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Saturday, January 12, 2013

testing, testing, anyone there?

OK, I don't want you to faint or anything!  I know it has been forever since I posted.  But life happened!  2 new babies - Hudson and Cora - sweet, sweet babies!  lots of traveling, being sick - a lot it seems - the holidays, and my birthday.....  sigh... a big one.....  really?  but thanks to friends and family I survived turning 60, 29 again!  LOL....  

anyway I have big plans for the new year.  #1 get a handle on all those UFOs.  I want them done, done, done!  

Here is my first finish of the new year.  it's a Christmas wall hanging.  20 x 28.  I think I will add a red button on the big yellow star.  it's #12 of a series of 12.  I think I have about 4 or 5 more to quilt.  but they will be done this year!!!  I hang them on my laundry room door.  

Next is a small wall hanging.  13 x 15.  it's about 5 or 6 years old.  I believe I found it in an Australian magazine.  My friend Vicki and I did this together.  not sure she has hers done.  if not, get er' done Vicki!  if you have yours done, then more power to you, you beat me!  LOL...  

I figured I used about 2 1/3 yards from stash to finish these.  everything came from stash.  that makes me feel wonderful to use, not buy and FINISH!!!!  

I promise to be a better blogger.  so much happens, that I want to share with family and friends.  My word for this year is to "simplify" my life.  I picked that word for last year too, and apparently I haven't learned yet.  but slowly I will.  

thanks for reading, you will hear from me soon!