Monday, July 11, 2011

What a wirlwind......

such a busy week last week. grands all week long. that meant watching lots of cars and going to McDs! LOL....
here is gunner dancing and being silly. he sure enjoys life! another day, at McD's! sorry it blurry. they were being silly and grandma was laughing.

we sang lots of good songs in the car - sweet home Alabama! this week. no grands, just catching up on things around here.

love you all kiddos! you are the best...


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sewing day with Lexi

this past week I got to spend some time with some of the grands! yeah for me! Lexi and I decided we wanted to make something for mom. hmmmmmm, what to do? Mom loves to cook so how about a pot holder! good idea!!! so this is the first time Lexi has sewn. lots of straight lines and she did great!!! go Lexi go...... I had the makings for a chenille potholder and lots of chili fabric. I cut the layers for Lexi and sewed on the binding by machine. her she is roughing it up a bit. I think she really enjoyed that part.

and here is the final product all done. great job sweetie! Mom loved it!!!!!

love you Lexi girl.....


Lots of samples

well, I have worked at A Quilter's Oasis for a little over 5 years. the last of June was the end. I will continue to teach at the store and facilitate the redwork club. I find I am needed home more right now. It has been great. i really believe I have become a better quilter while working at the store. I have reached further, learned more, and bought more fabric! LOL.... truly it has been a blessing in my life. Thanks Kathy.....

Anyway, on my last day we got in this new fabric from Riley Blake! OH MY Gosh!!! LOVE IT!!!!! maybe it's all the pink in it. LOL.... anyway, had to have it. so I bought it so i could make the sample. sooooo cute...... it's a free pattern from Riley Blake. you can get the fabric from A quilter's Oasis. it's 42 x 42.
Next is the twister wreath. the original pattern calls for a 5" template. I think it will finish about 20". not sure. I posted earlier about using the 2.25. it finished about 12" - I think! this one uses the 10" template. with the borders its 66" sq. i love the twister. sooooo much fun!

Next is a table runner. I so love this! this is a close up of one end. if you click on it, you can see the beading on it that makes it sparkle. oh sooooo pretty.....

And here is the table runner.......

very quick and fast to make.....



Saturday, July 9, 2011

2 juliet bag classes!

I was luck enough to teach two juliet classes in June. always a lot of fun seeing what fabrics the ladies choose to make their purses out of.

the purse was Ann's

this was susan's

this was sue's

this is Cris's

this is Karen's

this is renee's

this is Charlene's

and this is a happy student. sorry I can't remember her name......

thanks ladies for taking the classes! you all did a great job!


Friday, July 8, 2011

Redwork Club

hi everyone! I am a little late in posting the redwork club pics. but here they are and great as usual! I believe this is Charlenes block. isn't it cute!!!! a customer came in during redwork and brought this quilt. it was started by her mom. it even has a needle in it where she stopped hand quilting it. i loved it!!!!

Kathy won the door prize. Cyndi made it! great job!

this is Jancye's blocks for christmas twitterings.......

and another block by Jancye.......

charlene made her skirt with the cute trim. love it!

here is a tote by charlene...... she happened to take my juliet bag class.....

and I believe charlene made this block too......

this is susan's project. it is a raggedy ann and andy

and she has her center block done for christmas twitterings! yeah Susan!

kathy has a tote she finished.......

harriet has made an American Flag quilt. I love it!

and she made a set of placemats......

and a matching tablerunner.......

all in all, a great meeting! thanks ladies......


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Eva

we recently celebrated Eva's 5th birthday. I can't believe she is getting so big. if there is spray whipped cream, either grandpa or I have to do this! LOL.... the kids love it! here is Eva.... and Jackson.....

and Lexi!

Happy Birthday Eva! she wanted ice cream sundaes! yummo!

here she is blowing out her candles.

Happy Birthday Sweetie! we love you......


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fathers Day

We had a great father's day. I know a little late in posting..... sorry.... but at least I am doing it! LOL...... anyway, my dad and mom had already left for the mountains, so they weren't here. Glen, our SIL, had to work. so we missed him.

We celebrated on Saturday. Jenn and David were leaving for San Diego early sunday morning. so the guys went shooting. and here they are! love you guys. Happy Father's day to one and all.....


Monday, July 4, 2011

A Vicki Week!

every year my friend from Vegas and I get together for a week. it is just way too short!!! this year is was at my home. I think we are going to have to think about doing it twice in the summer. we have such big plans. this year we didn't get quite as much done. but I am still happy. so many fun things. thanks Vicki, for coming. its always a treat!!!

Vicki had this project for us. Witches feet. you can stick them anywhere. it looks like the wicked witch from the east from Wizard of oz. it just makes me laugh!
Vicki also brought us Halloween panels to make into wall hangings. THANK YOU!!!

She brought those glass blocks and we made it look like Frank!

we took a class at Scrapbook Etc. Terry came and took the class with us. we had so much fun. and I forgot to take pics..... we made this cute bird pincushion.....

we both have grand daughters. so we thought we should make baby stuff for dolls. here is the back of a little quilt

and here is the front. the squares were presents from barb and Mary from Me and My sister designs. I received these when I went to camp with them in April.

here is a stack of little blankets for the baby dolls.....

we started lots of doll clothes. little problem tho, our dolls were too big. so back to walmart to get a smaller doll.

we had LOTS of other stuff, and we just didn't get it to it. so now we have lots of projects to get done in the coming year.

thanks for such a wonderful, fast pace week. i can't wait for our next meeting......

hugs to you.......