Friday, May 14, 2010

Holy Scraps, Batman!!!!!!

oh my goodness, what have we got ourselves into? LOL! today was Thornberries day. we decided last month to bring all our scraps and have a marathon cutting day. ha, ha, ha! I think we thought we would get ALL our scraps cut!! lol...... nope, I don't think we realized just how many scraps we all had.....mercy.... and I think they multiplied while we were cutting. Terry S. kept saying that she thought someone was fluffing the fabric. This is the fluffy fabric. can't you see it growing before your eyes?
Judy, LOVES to iron! she ironed the whole day. THANK YOU Judy! you kept all the cutters supplied.
Here is the sweatshop at Terry's! Barb, Sue, Terry S, and way in the background is the organizer - Terry P. She would pick up the all the cut pieces and divvy them up. Terry S donated her big table - ah, the pool table! - to be the major holding bay. Louise and I were busy cutting too. We had several "projects" we were cutting for, then just misc sizes. we cut squares 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 5, 6, and 10". then we cut several sizes of bricks. then strips of 1.5, 2.5, and 5.

here is the holding area. we had a little sign with each person's name. that seem to help alot. we had brought 2 gallon zip lock bags to put everything in.

Here is a little better picture of the whole table. we had the table covered! Terry's cats also helped us. they were on the table, all over, very curious! if it would have been at my home, Mr. diesel would have done the same thing!

We had a timer - set for 1 hour. we pressed, we cut, we organized. when the timer went off we set it for 10 minutes. that was our break time to eat chocolate! and get off our feet. We took 30 minutes for lunch - which was very good! our group are great cooks!!! then back to work again for another hour. at our next break, we celebrated Terry P, Sue and Barb's birthdays! they are only 3 weeks apart. Happy birthday girls!!!
They managed to blow out ALL the candles! way to go! you did great!
If you check out Terry and her crazy life's blog - Terry . you can see more fun pictures! we had so much fun, that we decided to do it again next month. And if we need to , all summer long! till we get those scraps under control. Oh, the itty bitty leftovers? they went into pillows for the dogs and kitties at the shelters. so everything went to a good cause! AND we have more quilts to make. all the cutting is done. That feels very good and is a little something that makes life a little sweeter. Thanks gals! we worked our little butts off today.....


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blame it on Lorene

a while back I mentioned about a customer came in with a scrappy triple irish chain. I fell in love! I was telling my charmer group about it and we decided to do a swap. we needed 32 81 patch squares and 31 of the alternate block. now these 81 patches are 1.5" squares! Yikes, what was I thinking!!! It was MUCH harder than I thought it would be. not all my corners match correctly. but thank goodness the other ladies had the same problem. so we agreed that we would be forgiving. besides when the blocks were thrown on the floor and you step back, they looked great!!!! That darn Judy, finished her quilt!!! She showed it today at rippers. She named it "blame it on Lorene". I asked if it is my fault does that mean the quilt is mine? she didn't answer me! Judy did a wonderful job putting it together. I soooo love this quilt. mine, well, I haven't sewn for 2 weeks. we are about to start on a remodel so I have been a little busy. more on that later. Anyway, had to share the pic. be sure to click on the picture to see it better. sorry it is dark.



Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Surprise For My Parents

My parents are having a special anniversary this summer. And all of us kids have wanted to plan something special for them. Well, they are going up to the mountains for the summer and will not want to come down while it's so hot. Sooooo..... my brother and his wife came up with the idea of going to Vegas. My parents were married there. So we thought that having them renew their vows with all of us there with them. Then Bruce came up with the idea of Elvis coming to present the "surprise"! Sooooooo here is Elvis! Here is Elvis and my parents.
Here is Mom and Dad looking at the book Melissa made for them. Darn I didn't get a picture of it. It turned out soooo nice!

Elvis did a really great job and was very funny! Mom thought that Elvis was Justin - our grandson - she wasn't quite sure what was happening.

But I think they enjoyed themselves! Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! We love you very much!!!
Lorene, Dean, Cindy and Ronny...

Happy Mother's Day

I just wanted to wish a Happy Mother's Day to a few special people! To Elena, the best daughter in law in the world. She is such a good mom and a good wife to my son. She is so sweet and kind. You just feel good being around Elene. Love you Elena. To Melissa, my baby! She is such a good mom. so patient with her boys. She gave me redheads!! She is so talented and very creative. I don't know how you can work, be a mom and wife and still do what you do. Love you sweetie!
To Trina! Wow, you have so much on your plate and you just keep going! with 5 kiddos, you are one busy mom! you have so much love and patience I admire you so much. Love you hon!
to Jenn, a great mom! you have teenagers - it is an adventure! You are my oldest daughter and very talented individual! You are the best cook, you are going to school, you work, your energy amazes me. Love you girl!
To my MIL, Joyce.I have been so fortunate to have a very kind and loving MIL. I am so blessed to have you be a part of my life, Love you mom!

And my mom! Gwen. Mom, you have always been there to listen, to laugh, to love me. I hope this day will be the best ever! I love you Mom! cya in a few hours.....
To my Aunt G. I hope this day will be fun for you too. so glad you live here! Happy M day to you to Harriett! And my sister Cindy!!! Love you! you are an angel.....
to my friends..... Have a great day to you all. Thanks you for your friendships, support and listening ear!
Happy Mother's day everyone!!


Monday, May 3, 2010

EQ7 again

I can't believe my friend Mary won the EQ7 program. now she is giving away EQ7 program on her blog! EQ7 go and check it out. but really I want to be the one who wins! LOL!

good luck everyone!