Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Celebrating a birthday!

Well I got to finally celebrate my Mom's birthday. We went to Golden Corral! it was the perfect time - 5PM. didn't have to wait. Zoe sang Happy Birthday to her great grandma! and here is Mom with Dad! love you guys!!!
Hope you had a good one Mom....

Monday, March 21, 2011

Redwork Club

hi everyone!!! it's was the 3rd Friday again! that means Redwork Day. I love it!! this is Mardy she has next month's block already done! go mardy! this is a close up of Susan's quilt that she has been working on. I can't remember who the pattern maker is, but it did remind me of Disney's It's a small world. it was precious!!!

This is the whole quilt.

this is a BOM from 2 years ago. Susan has hers all done. just love it!

This is a quilt that Pam did. this is the back.....

and this is the front. she inherited some 5" charms from her mother. she did a great job in putting them together! love it!

this is mardy again with her current project.

Margie did this lavender hand towel so pretty. she got the pattern from bird brain. it's a free pattern.

this is Margie's birdhouses. she is a couple of months ahead of us now.

and Margie's first block.....

Jancye has her block done....

Harriet's blocks are all this turquoise blue. this is going to be soooo pretty.

Charlene did the half sq triangle say at the shop. this is from the book friendship triangles by Edyta Sitar. this my favorite quilt from that book.

Now, this is Charlene's farmers wife quilt. I have been putting this off forever. but after seeing Chalrene's quilt, I bought the book! I am going to do this....
She also made this cute baggie/pin cushion to hang by her machine. if you can see inside the bag, there are thread clippings! she is using it. good job!!!

and she made this little cathedral windows pincushion. so cute!

great job ladies!!! Oh Marty did the door prize. and I forgot to take a picture! I can't believe I didn't take a pic! sorry, but it was darn cute too!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Last Day in CA

I can't believe this was the last day. it seem to go sooooo fast. Trina is doing sooo well. She is feeling better. the swelling is almost gone. she is able to eat better. I am so glad! so I corralled the kiddos into having pictures taken.

This is Jordyn and I.... dream big handsome! Logan and I! grandma loves you sweetie! keep up working on that homework!

Lowell and I. doesn't he have the coolest dimples? we were talking about them. somehow we decided that 2 dimples were dumples! I tried the whole time while I was there to take a pic of those dumples. every time I would try, he would cover his cheeks. so finally on the last day, we got! love those dumples!!!
here is Michael and Trina.

Now Julia wanted to do some stitching while I was there. so she designed this. Can you guess who JB is? ah come, bet you can figure it out! Justin.... BIEBER!!! the design that is started around the heart are zebra stripes. this will become a pillow. Julia has a pink and zebra print bedroom.

Here is my angel - Julia!

Now there is Belle, but she didn't want her pic. I did get one the other day in the hat and sunglasses. that is as good as it gets. Thanks Zeman family for letting me come and help! loved every minute! love you all bunches.....

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cupcakes! YUM!!!

OK, bad Grandma, I feel soooo bad! Trina and I stopped at a new cupcake store in Acton. We were going to only get one cupcake. we bought 8! then we were going to share with the kids, we didn't. we tasted the lemon one first and that was it! we had to taste them all.... Kind of expensive $2.75 each. and they were a little small. but oh soooooo good. sigh.... bad grandma!
Can I blame my daughter? it's all Trina's fault! bad Mommy!!! LOL.... Thank you sweetie for inviting me out. I am so glad that I got to come out to help. AND I am so very thankful that your surgery went so well.... Love ya sweetie......

Friday, March 18, 2011

Vasquez Rocks

Do you remember the movie "Flinstones"? it had John Goodman, Rosie O'Donnell, and Halle Berry. those are just the names I can remember. remember the crazy rock formations?
well, maybe you don't. I remember the movie wasn't that good. oh well.... well, this is where the movie was filmed at Vasquez Rocks. You can see the rocks from the freeway. I was asking Trina about it while running around, she said lets go. we didn't have a lot of time, so no walking around but I took some really cool pics.... while there, we saw artists all over the place painting different scences. I don't know if it was a close or what, but it was cool to see....

This is a pic of logan that I love. he wasn't with us, but this was taken another time. Isn't he a cutie? love ya Logan....

it was amazing to see these rocks. I can't even imagine the force that was happening when these rocks were jutting up and out of the earth. Nature is a mighty force....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Belle's School

I don't know this little girl. Belle didn't want her picture taken, so Belle sent this little girl in her place. She sure is a cutie!!! Trina and I one day took Belle to school. this is belle checking into her class. They have to trace their name. We are sooo very proud o Belle. Belle was diagnosed with Austism. since she has gone to this school, well, all I can say is wow! Belle communicates very well. she doesn't do well with lots o noise and big crowds. She is such a sweetie. We are sooo proud of you kiddo!!

Got pictures out of order again. sorry. but this is Trina and Belle walking up to her classroom.

She was so excited to go to school. happy little girl.....

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Visiting and an Emergency!

Jenn and David came to visit everyone while I was here in CA. Julia had bought some curly hair extensions and was fooling around with every one's hair. Isn't Lexi cute? it looks sooo real.... here is belle and Julia. She loved the curls....
here is my handsome grandson Logan. He loves the outside! he is out there as much as possible. Well........ just as Jenn, David and Lexi were arriving, Logan was outside on his scooter. he fell.... he was in shorts. and of course his knee hit a rock just right! OUCH!!!

it was quite deep. took a big chunk out of his knee. Now, if you know me, you know I don't do blood. Logan was quite protective of me and kept saying, Grandma don't look. after Trina cleaned it up, she asked me to check it out to see if it needed stitches, OK, deep breath... breathe...... OK, look! oh owie!!! it looked pretty deep to me too. so off to the doctors they went. however, Mike's truck was in the shop, Mike had Trina's car, so Jenn and David took Logan and Trina! LOL..... No stitches. the rock took everything away, so there was nothing to stitch. also, being the knee he would have pulled the stitches out. that sounds pretty bad. so they cleaned it really well. I am sure that it hurt more than the stitches would have. through it all, Logan did just fine. very brave.

Jenn and family left Sunday after a big yummy breakfast. it was great to see them....
love ya kiddos....

Sunday, March 13, 2011


I felt I needed to give Trina a get well quilt. a quilt always makes me feel better. so here you go sweetie! you can share with Michael. Here are the kiddos with their presents. Julia got a sewing bag, Logan a holder or his DS, Jordyn a planet pillowcase to have big dreams, Lowell and belle? towels with their names!
enjoy kiddos.....

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Miso Sushi

The night I arrived Trina wanted to go out to dinner, since she wouldn't be able to eat regular food for a while. her fav resteraunt is Miso Sushi. YUMMY!!!! I got tempera, but didn't take a picture. the plate was so very pretty. Oh, I had got my hair cut earlier in the day, and it's a little too short. so I couldn't do much with it. but here I am with Juia and Belle.
Logan and I......

Julia and I......

didn't get a pic of Jordyn. next time.... thanks Mike and Trina for a great meal!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

today is my Mother's birthday. Happy Birthday Mom!!! Sorry I am not there to help celebrate. but I know Ronny and Cindy will take good care of you tonight at Nando's! Yum! This is my Mother as a little girl about 3 years old I think. with her Aunt and Uncle. she grew up in St Petersburg FL. wasn't she a cutie? She still is.....

Mom, thanks for everything you do! You are such an example to me. You are such a lady! I love you mom......


Cute Toes!

Well, I am in CA visiting my daughter and her family. I can to help. Trina is having some surgery, so I get to help out. Watch out kids! Grandma's coming..... after Trina picked me up at the airport, we came into the valley where she lives - and this is what I saw! snow on the mountains..... so pretty.... When she picked me up, she said she needed to go grocery shopping. I had forgotten how much food a family of 7 can consume! mercy...... but before food shopping it was time for a pedicure! Trina decided that she wanted her eyebrows done. this is before........

here we are getting starting our pedicures. it was a beautiful spa. the whole length of the shop were big windows, marbled floors. very pretty. the music was soothing and restful. Oh, I forgot to mention that Julia was with us.

the girl that was doing Julia's pedi was so nice. she kept saying she was a lucky girl, her mother does so much for her. it's nice when some else says things like that.

Now we feel so pretty! lots of cute pretty toes..... now we can shop! Thanks Trina!!!!