Sunday, April 13, 2014

Scraps, wonderful scraps

do you save scraps of fabric?  I do.  do you cut them up?  I do.  do you use them?  I do!  

I try really hard to cut up my scraps.  I am pretty good at cutting up current scraps.  Also scraps my friends give me.  I get those cut in a timely manor.  But I have so much to cut, that it is a little overwhelming.  But I am working on it.  

the other day I received 2 small bags of scraps from 2 different friends.  Toni and Jancye.  Thanks girls.  I was quite busy for several days and didn't get right to them.  They were sitting on my ironing table, so I had to either move them or iron them.  I decided to iron them.  they were small bags.  

Well, here they are!  aren't they lovely?  Now I will spend some time cutting them...........  so they now look like this:

I cut 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5 and 5" squares.  I also cut those size in strips, if they are longer than 12"  I love Bonnie Hunter and her scrappy quilts.  I love scrappy quilts.  

So how do I store them?  like this:  

I have a old metal pattern file cabinet.  there are 5 drawers with 2 dividers in each drawer.  I separate light from Medium/Dark.  I keep my homespuns, batiks, and 30s separate.  I might change it.  we will see.  I have dividers in each section separating the sizes.  I do not separate my colors.  I do a lot of scrappy, and it takes too long to do random.  however if I am looking for a specific color, that is easy to grab.  I don't keep them neat, because, I am constantly going through them.  They are not wrinkled!!!  Just grab and sew......

And when I get enough, I make a quilt!

I still need to add the borders.  but I am loving this!!!   


  1. Pretty quilt, looks like your ready to make a quilt anytime you want to. I save scraps, not cut into anything. Only started quilting, not many scraps.


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