Friday, August 26, 2011

monthly wall hangings!

Earlier this year Cyndi, Mardi and I went down to Tucson for the craft and sewing festival. we didn't find much, but we found this pattern by Kim Schaefer - Calendar Quilts. we found it at Zoe Trunk of all places. Cyndi and Mardi already had the pattern. I fell in love with it and had to buy it! so Cyndi and I decided that we would start this. well, we are a little behind and getting them done!!! I have July and august tops done, just need to quilt them. I have the top to September done without all the fusing on it. so that is next!

this is our first one March........



and June......

they will hang on the door to my laundry room. so I see it a lot. makes me smile! thanks Cyndi for the great idea! now to get caught up! LOL........

Thursday, August 25, 2011

another civil war love letter block!

I finished another block. Almost home! one more to go for Rutherford B Hayes. then to the next section! I really like this one.......

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Alien Treats!

I found this photo I forgot to post on fathers day. it just makes me laugh. at our house we LOVE texas sheet cake. YUM!!! our little gunner man loves chocolate. he would eat it for breakfast, snacks, lunch, snacks, dinner and snacks! LOL...... well, he had his dinner, and a piece of cake too, but wanted more. mom and dad said no. so, when no one was in the kitchen, an alien came and grabbed some cake. we followed the trail to Gunner man! LOL.....

I with you Gunner! chocolate = GOOD! love ya sweetie!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Comfort Food

hmmmmmm, comfort food. what does that bring to mind? food from your childhood? it sure does me. one of those comfort foods is the dinner - sauerkraut and pork. my mom use to make this for us while growing up. not sure how she did it. but I know it wasn't with a crock pot. I however, do use a crock pot! Sauerkraut and Pork

1 pork roast
1 jar of sauerkraut
1 jar of applesauce, refrigerated
corn, frozen
and home made mashed potatoes!

place roast in the crock pot fat side up. open the jar of sauerkraut and pour over the roast. taste a little of the sauerkraut to see if it tastes like you remember. yep it does! Yum!!!!

cook on low for 8 hours. now I put on the scentsy candles on because, well, it doesn't smell that well, and I don't want to stink up the house! LOL.....

when ready to serve, make the homemade mashed potatoes with plenty of real butter! salt and pepper to taste. heat up the corn. pour applesauce into bowl and sprinkle with penzy's cinnamon.

take roast out of crock pot and drain the sauerkraut well. slice up the roast - it will fall apart. serve it up! now when you eat, take a little of everything and take your first bite - heaven, memories of past dinners when you were little. comfort food!

what's your comfort food?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy birthday Lee!

Oh my goodness, how has this happened? my oldest son is now older than me. my little guy is a man. an older man. a good SINGLE man. anyone listening? LOL..... anyway, my baby had a birthday and like usual wanted it low keyed. so I brought cupcakes for him to share at work. LOL...... Anyway, sweetie, hope you had a great one. I know you did, cuz you got to spend it with your best girl! Our Zoe! love you lots...... Mom

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Civil War Love Letters blocks

Cyndi and are are getting together and making the civil war love letters blocks. so far I have a total of 12 blocks done!! yeah!!!! monday we got together to sew.
this is the fall of richmond...... march to winter quarters

pleasant campaign

this nis cyndi's no serious fighting

severe fighting......

liberal with furlough

sorrows of war.......

we are paper piecing them. thanks Cyndi for a fun day!!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

the Midge bag

I love bags. I really do! I love making them. this is the newest bag from me and my sister. the Midge bag. it was fun to make and not hard. I was really worried about applying the snaps on the sides. no biggie at all!! LOL..... just something different to do. I will be teaching the class at A Quilter's Oasis. Hope to see you then......

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Harry Potter Party!

I have so enjoyed reading all the HP books. and I have loved watching the movies. we have talked about going to see the last movie as a family. well, two of the kids couldn't wait. sigh..... LOL.... it was really hard for me to wait. anyway, when you have a large family it is hard to just get them together! so Jenn and I brainstormed on what to fix. Jenn fixed a roasted chicken and roasted veggies. so very good. I fixed butter beer - I loved it. it was basically gingerale, cream soda and butterscotch syrup. very good. I also fixed kale quills. actually these were really good. I left the leftovers on the counter and the cats loved the kale too! LOL....

also fixed pumpkin juice. hmmmmm..... not very good. nobody like it! LOL......

I had dumbledore's lemon treats - just lemon drops. owl pellets - chocolate covered peanuts. and jellie bellies - Bernie botts all flavored beans! went to cost plus to find the jellie beans and what did I find? some jellie beans that showed a pic on the back of the box. it showed ever color that was in the box. there were 2 blacks - skunk scent and licorice. a gold one - pencil shavings and banana. yellow - rotten egg and buttered popcorn. blue - toothpaste and berry blue. brown - canned dog food and chocolate pudding. orange - barf and peach. green - booger and juicy pear golden yellow - moldy cheese and caramel corn. white - baby wipes and coconut. and red - centipede and strawberry jam. let me tell you. they were true to the description!!!!!!

we played a game. you picked one jelly bean. I was ready with the camera. you popped in your mouth and I took a pic. we were laughing so hard. I can tell you what pencil shavings and canned dog food taste like!!!!!


Lexi YUCK!

Jenn YUCK!!!!

David YUCK!!!!

Bruce YUM!!!!!

lots more pics, but I thought this was enough! after dinner we went to the movie and watch the last movie. when it was over I looked at Bruce and he was smiling and said: "It' over!!!!!" and I was crying and said "it's over!"

I think I might read it again.......

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

the PANTRY!!!

I don't know how it happens. but the pantry seems to get crazy while we are sleeping. things get messed up. maybe it's the kitchen devils. you know, when things don't go right while cooking. it surely can't be me or bruce! anyway, we tackled the pantry. it looks pretty darn good. not going to show the the before pic. nope. not going to happen. just know, it really looks good now! LOL.......

Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy B-day Gunnerman!!!!

our little gunner man turned 4 earlier this month! he was so excited to get presents and eat chocolate! even blowing out his candle was fun!

Now, one of my favorites things to do with gunner is watch madagascar. especially when the music comes on "I like to move it, move it!" we dance and laugh! I found a music birthday card with that music. I almost wore it out listening to it. it just makes me smile. well, it makes gunner smile too. Melissa said all the way home he sang "I like to move it, move it!"

while he was eating his cake and ice cream, he kept droping stuff of his fork. Mom said, lean over you plate. so then he leaned over the plate! LOL.....

Hi great grandma gave him "monies"! so excited!

we all had a great time! Love you gunner man!

grandma h

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Friday was Thornberries! Yeah!!! this time we met at Scrapbooks ETC. really fun. we had a whole room to ourselves! I worked on getting all my Christmas Twitterings traced and fused. and even started sewing on one of the blocks. I am about half way down with that block now! Yeah!!! Louise was working on her dresdan plates blocks. she is making a sample for a class.

Sue, got her top put together for her Thimbleberries quilt. she really lucked out. she found the border print - a crazy quilt type of fabric. at a garage sale. she has been looking for the fabric for a loooooong time.

sue finished a huge flower quilt. looks wonderful Sue!

that's it for show and tell. everyone got lots done! thanks for a wonderful day!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Zoe's in Kindergarten!

our Zoe started kindergarten this week!!! my oh my!! Dad is getting pretty good at doing Zoe's hair. here she is getting ready..... and here she is all ready to go. the backpack is almost as big as her!

we love you Zoe girl!!! good luck in your new adventure!


hi everyone, our redwork group has decided to collect backpacks for school kids in Apache Junction. there is an organization there that collects school supplies, toiletries, just about anything for those kids and families. we collected 9 - filled to the brim backpacks. cyndi and I took them today. I will post more info when I get it. it's a great thing these volunteers do. thanks for letting us give a little and thanks to the redwork gals for sharing!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Cyndi and I got together a week or so ago. we decided we wanted to make some polymer clay buttons. fun, fun, fun! this is what we made here we are busily making our adorable buttons!

thanks cyndi, its always fun when we get together!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

a trip to showlow

OK, things are a little mixed up here. and I am just making it worse. so, we will go with what I have..... sorry..... anyhoo..... I got to go up to show low for a week to visit my parents. they are so lucky to stay up there while we cook in the valley. I had the best time!!! thanks mom and dad. it rained every day while there. got really cold for me. low 60s and high 50s.

this is suppose to be the last pic.... sigh..... we saw this rainbow that went clear across the sky. this was as we were pulling into our neighborhood. so pretty.....
this was passing the superstitions. the sun was shining on the mountain and looked so clear. just before gold canyon.

This was taken just before globe, right where you turn off to go to the fairgrounds. so much rain.....

dad has gotten back to fishing. yeah dad! he caught 3 of these beauties at the beginning of the week. we had them for dinner on Sunday, just before we left. this one was 14 inches long. no kidding! thanks for sharing dad...

This was my view while sitting on the porch sewing. there are 6 hummingbird feeders. the 2 end ones have to get filled everyday or more. the 4 in the middle every day and a half. the little hummers are greedy!

more hummers

this was where I sewed. rough hug? LOL.....

more hummers

ever since I can remember, dad has made pancakes on the weekends. thanks dad for a great breakfast!

I thought I had taken pics of things I got accomplished. oops! I had a wonderful time. slept peacefully. we laughed, I sewed. life is good. thanks Mom and dad for everything. can't wait till I can come up again. and thanks to my sweetie for bringing me up and bringing me home!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Redwork Club

Well, the 3rd friday of every month is Redwork club. love it!!! these are the pics from the july meeting. thank you ladies. always a great time.
Charlene is always a sweetie and brings me presents. this is a pincushion/measuring tape. how cute is that! thank you Charlene. you are a sweetie!!!! Charlene made this for a friend. truly a CA quilt!

Charlene is making the quilt from the new book from hatched and patched. an australian designer. way too cute....

kathy showing her civil was quilt.

I think Jancye made the same quilt. both are sooooo pretty. I am becoming a lover of civl war quilts. I tried really hard not to. I just love them.......

Cyndi made this for a neice I think. cute, cute, cute!

Cyndi also made this patriotic quilt. this was one of our projects a year or so ago. great job!!!!

darn I can't remember who blocks these are. but I love them.

Rita came. we haven't seen her for a while. was wonderful to see you again Rita!

Pam was given this quilt. isn't it pretty? Pam was thrilled with it!

Also she was given this purse. she said a 16 year old made the purse. great job!!!!

Margie made this. love it!

she also frame this quilt block. I think she said that she was doing this for a friend. I think that would look great in my sewing room..... LOL.....

Margie has this much done on her christmas twitterings. it really is coming along nicely.....

thanks ladies for coming and all the show and tell! great job!!!!!!