Monday, June 28, 2010

Dance Recitals

Hi everyone! Eva had her dance recital recently. the tickets were $29 per person!!! YIKES! so Grandma and Grandpa didn't go. but we have pictures! Thanks Jenn!!!! not sure what is going on with the pics. but a least you can see her sweet little face. Eva was part was tat she was part of a dancing caterpillar! isn't she the cutest little thing? and here she is with her pretty flowers!
great job sweetie! we love you!
Grandma and Grandpa!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Lexi!

Our Lexi turned 7 in May! Sorry sweetie Grandma is taking so long to post this. Things are sooo busy around here. but this post isn't about that. It's about our Lexi! Lexi LOVES to read. she loves playing school, just like Grandma did when she was little. She loves wearing make up! so mom put some on her to help celebrate her day. She had her party at Peter Piper with a lot of her friends and cousins. happy birthday sweetie! we love you very much!

Grandma and Grandpa

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Halloween Swap

OK, I promised I would post the pics of the swap I did with some girls at work. this is the layout it shows in the pattern. But I have to admit, I am a greedy person. this doesn't make a very large quilt. wall hanging size. I want a lap top! so in my thornberries group we are swapping too! But those blocks are due until October. That's OK. I have plenty to do.
Isn't it cute? won't it be a fun laptop? can I be patient until October? you betcha! I want this very badly. Thank you gals for indulging my hairbrained schemes!

On another note, I now have 4 rows done on my triple irish chain. I asked one of the gals I swapped with what do I call my quilt if everyone is naming there's Blame on Lorene. she answered me with the perfect name - The Instigator! that fits. so I think I will go and sew some more blocks together!!!



Friday, June 11, 2010

Another Cutting Marathon!

Today was Thornberries, a smaller group this time. Several people were out of town. We definitely were better organized this time. AND we really got a lot of cutting done! Yeah!!!
Terry P. was our master sorter again. she really had a plan! there were lots of little piles of different sizes. mainly we were cutting for 2 plaid quilts. not sure if we are going to cut again next month. but we are getting better at getting those scraps under control. I finished 2 UFO's this time! This one is a blue snowflake quilt. lap size.
Last one is my Beatitudes quilt. It is done, finished, ready to hang on the wall! I will try and get a better picture so you can see how pickin' cute the blocks are.

Our food today was light but very good. Judy did a Chinese chicken salad, Louise a chicken noodle salad. Terry P made one of my favs - Pear salad! yum. Terry S. made apricot bread and a apricot coffee cake. she served both with her apricot jam. yummo! I made a watermelon salad. I got this recipe from Kelly Rae! Thank you Kelly Rae it is soooooo refreshing. here's the recipe:
1 personal seedless watermelon, cut into little squares like 1/2" (this salad is pretty too)
1 English cucumber, peeled, sliced in half and scoop out all the seed stuff and chopped like the watermelon.
the juice of 2 limes
fresh ground pepper.
mix all together. serve. you don't won't to make it the night before, it will start getting mushy. there will not be any leftovers! it's cool and refreshing.....

Do You Like To Read?

Hi everyone! I love to read! always have. I would take a flashlight and read under the covers until really late at night. My Dad would come in and tell me to turn the light out and GO TO SLEEP!!! I like staying up late but then mornings can be hard! LOL! So, I thought I would start putting the books I read on my blog. I don't know it I can remember all the books I have read this year, so I probably won't even try to remember that. so I will start with the most recent.

I have never read James Patterson. I was at the grocery store a while back and the new JP was on sale. I didn't have anything to read soooooo..... I bought 9th Judgement. it is the latest book of the Women's Murder Club - there is a detective, a newspaper reporter, a coroner, and assistant DA. Good! I really liked it. so that took me on a hunt to read the other 8!

another book is "The Zookeepers Wife - a war story" by Diane Ackerman. I found this book very interesting. it was a little dry at times. but still interesting. it's all about WWII in Warsaw, Poland. about saving Jews from being sent to the death camps. How the Polish people suffered at the hands of the Germans. If you like history, you would like this. Oh I bought this one at Costco!

Next book, "Daughter of Fortune" by Isabel Allende - Oprah's book club. we have been moving around a lot of stuff here. we are getting ready for a remodel. I cam across some books of Melissa's from college. This one looked interesting. it starts out in Chile and ends up in San Francisco during the Gold Rush. quite interesting. this is fiction, but really opened my eyes on how it was during this time.

Last night I started "2nd Chance" by James Patterson. the 2nd in the series of the Women's Murder Club. the cool thing is I have finally figured out how to download to my iPod AND I can start the timer for 15 minutes so I won't fall asleep and have to start over! I feel soooo smart! LOL!



Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's Charmer Time!

Monday was Charmers. I love this little group. this is the group that we exchanged the 81 patches for the triple irish chain quilt. This is Marilyn's finished top! yeah!!!! don't you just love it? I have all the alternate blocks finished. so I will start putting them together very soon. Marilyn loved the name that Judy gave her quilt - Blame it on Lorene! so that is what she will be naming her quilt too. Not sure if she will applique in the border or not. whatever she decides, it will be beautiful!! Great Job! Judy made the X block quilt. she made a table runner with the leftovers! really interesting and a great use of leftovers!
Marilyn made the girls in the blocks on her embroidery machine. Delva put it together and Judy is holding it! I love red work anyway I can get it. love this quilt too!!!

We decided to not meet again until September or October. we all have a busy summer!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lexi's Program

The other day I was invited to go to Lexi's last day of school program! it was on the 50 states! they sang and each child had a part about the USA! they were all dressed in red white and blue. Lexi talked about our national anthem. she did a great job! This is mother and daughter (Jenn and Lexi) holding Lexi's 1st grade graduation certificate! Yeah Lexi, you are now officially in 2nd grade! I love going to these things. the kids are just pickin cute!

love you Lexi girl...


Monday, June 7, 2010

Quilt Camp Time!

I just got back from our annual Quilter's Oasis Retreat up in Pine. this time we left Thursday after work and got back on Sunday. It was so nice to be up where it was cooler, being pampered by Candy - the owner of the retreat. there was so much accomplished. we laughed till our cheeks hurt! and had really good food! There was even a masseuse if we wanted a massage! heaven.....

Terry Te, worked on these spinning stars. aren't they pretty. there sure were a lot of work but the result will be stunning. I missed several things all the girls were working on. Terry Te was working on a label for a baby quilt. it was really nice. I made a mistake on a tote i was working on, and Terry Te being the sweet person she is, used the ripper and took it out for me! what a sweetheart! I HATE ripping! I mean really HATE ripping. thank you Terry Te!

This is Terry Tr. yes, we have 2 Terry's and 2 Cindy/Cyndi's working at the shop. it can get confusing. Please excuse the quality of a couple of pics. I can't find my camera and so I took Bruce's camera. with this pic of Terry Tr, I was still learning how to use his camera. The quilt is so pretty! I sure didn't do it justice here!!!
Here is Terry Tr again. this is a table topper. another Christmas one. there will be flowers on it that are dimensional. sooooo pretty!

Here is Teresa! she was making a rag quilt! it turned out great and really heavy!

Teresa has been working on a feathered star quilt for a couple of years. she finished another block!! Teresa, how many more do you have to make?
Michelle was working on a notebook. she tea dyed the lace. sooooo pretty!

One of my fav patterns is field of flowers. it is made with a jelly row. Michelle made hers with a Bali pop! I am going to have to buy some Bali pops! she still needs to add borders. but I love how it turned out!
This is my quilt! This was started last year with my friend Vicki. Its called Tropical Twist. it is from a fons and porter mag - easy quilts. It is so much bigger than I thought it would be!!! but I love it.....
this is another of my quilts tops I finished. Cyndi and I both started this last summer. sorry I can't remember which mag it came out of. but I really like this one too!

Mary Lou always comes with us. She is such a sweetie and my room mate! here is a table topper she finished.

She is always making donation quilts. They are always beautiful. This is for a donation.

This pattern is called grandmother's dream. I love how this quilt is make of scraps. she pulled it all together with a white dotted fabric. really cute. another donation quilt!

This is Kathy hiding behind her finished quilt top. it is so girly girl. I love it. I know it was a pattern from Moda U
This is Harriet. She finished this top while up there. Harriet always does a beautiful job in whatever she makes.....
Cyndi made this cute little zippered purse. I have the pattern, but haven't made it yet! does that sound familiar?
Cyndi also made a bow tucks bag. I love the fabric!!! she also worked on a patriotic 4 patch poesy which I didn't get a pic of!

Charlene is in Rippers. in our birthday party last year, everyone received a jelly roll of pink and brown fabric. this is what she did with hers! really cute!
Charlene is very good at the P3 method of applique. she had this all prepped and she finished appliqueing it while at camp. It's a bunny hill BOM

Last year at the shop hop she bought this Halloween panel at one of the stores. Terry Te helped her figure out how to finish it. didn't it turn out great? I love it!!!

She also finished a wool chicken pincushion. She has real chickens at her home.

Before we left for camp, she showed us her FINISHED bunny hill BOM from last year. Oh man, I really need to work on mine! She did a great job as always. just love it!
And Charlene made a bow tucks bag! I think she and Mary Lou were the most productive!

And here is our group!! in the very back is Cindy O, Charlene,Terry Tr. next row is Mary Lou, Cyndi, Michelle, Teresa. last row: me, Kathy, Sandy, Terry Te, Harriet.

A lot of the girls made pillowcases for the million pillowcase thing, some of us traded Halloween blocks (I will show those later!) and I know there were other things I missed taking pics of. Great fun! thanks girls....