Friday, April 25, 2014

Our Easter

Hi everyone!  hope you all had a wonderful Easter!  We sure did.  We like to have our family get together on the Saturday before Easter.  that way we can have our Easter egg hunt, play games.  that leaves Sunday for the true meaning of Easter. 

We played chunky bunny.  Do you know that game?  the purpose was to see who can  put the most marshmallows in your mouth.  After each marshmallow is put in the mouth, you have to say chunky bunny.  Well, all the grands had a good time.  And all of us had some great laughs!!! 


Lexi won!  That girl could put 6 large marshmallows at a time!  Go Lexi!!! 

The kids looking for eggs.  we put money in some.  oh, boy were they excited about that.  Hudson ran and ran and ran.  Such freedom for a little 2 year old.
And decorating cookies!  BTW, I will share that recipe.  They are the best! 

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