Monday, May 25, 2015

Stash Report 15

Hi everyone!  can you believe it's the end of May?  Where did it go?  

bobbins used this week: 
bobbins used year to  date: 36
Thread spools emptied this week: 0
Thread spools emptied year to date: 3
Fabric used this week: 0 yards
Fabric used year to date:  34 yards
Fabric added this week: 0 yards
Fabric added year to date: 23 yards
UFOs finished year to date: 6  Wool finishes: 9
New start year to date: 7

I had to make 2 blocks for a birthday swap.  she wanted red civil war and kona snow.  the pattern is HERE  Bear Tracks.    I loved making this pattern.  I have always wanted to do a bear paw quilt.  I have done several variations of it.  but never a bear paw.  I need to change that.  I think they turned out great!


I cut a few more bow ties from these reds.  they will be so pretty.  I now have 240 bowties!  

I finished the little banner I showed last time.  Now to decide where to hang it!  

sorry about that, can't figure out how to turn it.  everything is acting weird right now.  

I have June's prepped and ready for me to do the hand stitching.  


Friday, May 22, 2015

I am trying.....

Well, I want to be organized.  I really do.  My system of organizing my fabric is not working.  Or rather how I fold it.  Several of my friends fold their fabric around a ruler.  but they leave it flat

I did that and then folded it in thirds.  that really takes up a lot more room if it is yardage.  I sort by color.  then I also have 30s, batiks, holidays, christmas, civil war, nancy halverson and patriotic, and solids.   I have done that for years and seems to work well for me.  anything smaller than a FQ goes into strips drawers, or into squares.  I can't tell you how many scrap quilts have been made from my scrap drawers!  I always check those first.  I do find I do not use my strips as much.  I need to figure out something there......

there is a girl from my ward wanting to earn money for a mission.  so I asked if she wanted to fold fabric!!  It was worth every cent I paid.  But it's not finished!  I didn't realize there was sooooo much.  that is kind of scary.  Plus my hubby saw it since fabric covered every flat surface in my house.  Oh dear!
  from this.....

to this....

Morgan folding

to this.....

 I haven't got my closet done yet, so I will take a picture of that later.  Oh dear, I have a after graduation party Thursday night.  I have to get this all put away....  anyone want to come and help me??  


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

4 Generations

Last week we had our enrichment meeting for Relief Society.  This is a meeting we have once a month during the week at night.  Normaly just for the women 18 years and older.  this time it was for all the girls too.  I invited my daughter and granddaughters.  So sitting at our table was my Mother in law, one of my daughters, 2 granddaughters and myself.  4 generations!  I think that is awesoe.

Of course no picture of the 4 of us.  shame on me!!!  Thanks Melissa, Zoe and Lexi for coming.  Loved having you there!!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Stash Report 14

Hi everyone!  we are gearing up this week for graduations, birthdays and life stuff!  So a bit busy around here.

bobbins used this week: 1
bobbins used year to  date: 36
Thread spools emptied this week: 0
Thread spools emptied year to date: 3
Fabric used this week: 0 yards
Fabric used year to date:  34 yards
Fabric added this week: 0 yards
Fabric added year to date: 23 yards
UFOs finished year to date: 6  Wool finishes: 8
New start year to date: 7

Here is a quilt top I finished this week.  it may or may not have an owner.  we will see......  

I know this pattern came from a magazine.  can't find it though.  the squares were 6.5" and the corners were 2.5".  really easy to put together.

 I finished the easter rabbit wool penny rug!

this is a new project.  Mardi, Cyndi and I are doing this.  it is from Buttermilk Basin - Banners through the year.  I have to find some thread to match the darker part of the flowers.  everything else is done!  This is May's.  i just have to layer and quilt, which I will do on my machine.

this is July - Angels among us by Nancy Halverson.  Just have this prepped.  So this week I will do the handpart.  And prep August!  

So that's it for now.  Today I loaded a quilt.  I just have to have it quilted and bound by thursday.  Mercy, I  am cutting it close.  it's a lap top so easily done.  


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Here we go again.......

You know I have been making vanilla and lemon extract with vodka.  Well, a few years ago I gave out pressing spray - made with vodka.

My Thornberries group decided we needed more!  I 'm game!  So here is my recipe for pressing spray:

3 cups distilled water
3 oz vodka
6 - 12 drops essential oils (we used oils from doterra.  but I would think any essential oil would work)

Well there are 6 of us.  so we doubled it to make it faster.  We did not add any oils at this point!  after all was said and done.  we had 6 1 gallons and 6 half gallon containers.  That's a lot of pressing spray!

When all was divided, then when started adding what oils we wanted.  for myself, lemon/lime and bergamot in my 2 containers.  others brought spray bottles and made each bottle a different flavor.

So I think I am good for the next year!  Thanks gals, it was great fun.  I can see this being a yearly thing......


Monday, May 11, 2015

Stash Report 13

Hi everyone!  You know last week we had triple digits temperatures!  oh heaven, please.....  we waited till May to do this.  Thank you Mother Nature!  It's been a while since this has happen.  it seems we have those dreaded triple digits in April, sometimes even in March.  But the last few days have been so wonderful.  in the 70s.  What?  It has been wonderful.  I don't know if I should be worried about how the summer will be.  I just know it will be HOT!  but I am sure enjoying the weather now.....  

bobbins used this week: 0
bobbins used year to  date: 35
Thread spools emptied this week: 0
Thread spools emptied year to date: 3
Fabric used this week: 0 yards
Fabric used year to date:  34 yards
Fabric added this week: 0 yards
Fabric added year to date: 23 yards
UFOs finished year to date: 6  Wool finishes: 2
New start year to date: 5

I kept putting off things I shouldn't be putting off this past week.  Shame on me!  I was focused on 2 Easter wool projects.  Why? I have no idea.  But I sure had fun making these....

I just need to find a lavender button and put the backing on this.  It was from a recent quilts and more magazine.

This one was from a Primitive magazine.  a local quilt shop made up a kit for me.  This one is finished!  Yeah!.......  

Now I have to tell you about a wool shop I found online.  Nutmeg Hare  Their prices are really great!  very prompt with mailing.  Everything was wrapped in tissue.  This first photo is a set of 6 - 6 1/2" squares I bought.  The second and a set of 2 FQs.  go check them out!  This is my own opinion.  I just happened to find them and lucked out.  I will definitely order again.   I think I want to do a patriotic one next.......

That is my only finishes this week.  I am happy!


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day everyone!  I do not know about you, but Mother's day has never been one of my favorite days.  Please don't get me wrong,  I love having my children around, I love having my husband taking care of everything for the day.  I miss have breakfast in bed made by my children.  Now they have their own children making breakfast for them!

Mother's Day has always made me feel inadequate as a mother.  I can think of all the mistakes I made while my children were young.  the things I should have done.  But you know, Mother's Day is not about that.

It's the joy of children doing something special for their moms.  It's giving service for someone who gives service all the time for others.  It's really not about the moms. It's all about family, and love and service.

Friday I had the chance to go to my grandson's Mother's Day Tea Party. his mom - my daughter, was sick.  really sick.   so I substituted.

Each child escorted their Mom/Grandmother into the class room.  Our chairs were pulled out for us, and each child went and got treats for each of us!  Then these precious kiddos recited a poem, and there was a little slide show.  I promise you, all their eyes were twinkling, with big smiles on their faces.

Here are some the women in my family. Two of my daughters, My Mom and her sister.  My Mother in law.  My sister and 3 of my granddaughters. and 1 of my sister in laws.

All strong, beautiful, courageous women!  As for the grands, I know they will be strong women too!
there are a lot of people missing in this photo.   due to distance - they live too far away, and those who have passed on.

I am so thankful for each and everyone.  the influence they have all been in my life.  I am so grateful for my Mom.  What a wonderful example of being an elegant lady and her example of a loving mother.  I am grateful for my Mother in law.  For raising a fine man who loves me.  And each of my daughters and my daughter in law!  Oh how I love them all....

So today, I won't be dwelling on what ifs.  I will be concentrating on all these beautiful people in my my life.  How fortunate I am that I can call them family......

hugs and Happy Mother's day.......