Friday, October 24, 2014

A Wedding!

Hi everyone!  When I think of my grand children,  I think babies, they are still all babies!  But truth be told the oldest is 23.  Lots of things are happening.  Grand graduate, go to college, GET ENGAGED!!!!   oh, dear, am I ready for that?  Are my children ready for that to be happening?  hmmmmm, no...

but one asks us those questions.  and that's ok. kind of!  My son's daughter has just become engaged.  oh my.... 

We have met this young man.  And he is a keeper for sure. 

they were at a friend's wedding reception.  very sweet.  Good luck you two!  I better start thinking of a quilt!  They're  colors are teal blue and brown........ 

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Demi just had her homecoming dance.  She needed some adjustment to her dress.  Now, this girl is a size 4!  I can't even remember when I fit a size 4! 

I sewed little rings to each side to lace the dress up like a corset.  It seemed to work great!!!

And here she is with her sweetie Brandon!

Love ya sweetie!!!


Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Before I went to the glorious mountains,  I went to my monthly Thornberries meeting.  it was great to see everyone, since I hadn't been there for 2 months! 

my show and tell was a picture of Belle's quilt. 

Sue had 2 quilts finished!!! 

this first one was a block we all did.  at Christmas we played a game, whoever won, got all the blocks!  I am still so jealous of that quilt.  I love it!!!!

this one was a swap a few years ago.  we each did one block for everyone.  I believe mine is still just a top.  I really should get it out and quilt it.  I still have time! 

Sue made chili and it was soooo good.  yum! 

Thanks gals.....


Monday, October 20, 2014

Stash Report 28

Hi everyone!  I am home!  yeah!!  it was so wonderful up in the cool air of Williams.  The Aspens were starting to change their colors.  it was beautiful!  Thank you Vicki!!!! 

bobbins used this week: 3
bobbins used year to  date: 74
Thread spools emptied this week:  0
Thread spools emptied year to date:  14
Fabric used this week:  0
Fabric used year to date:  52 3/8
Fabric added this week:  5
Fabric added year to date:  37 yards

when I arrived at Vicki's this black cat greeted me! 

And we both had a witchy Barbie to watch over us!
We did start one new project.  pumpkin table runners!  The tops are done.  just have to be quilted! 
Now do you remember those 5000 2.5" Halloween squares I was cutting?  we have talked about making this quilt forever.  Last year, Vicki bought the background for it, and I took it home to cut bricks - 2.5" x 6.5". 
Well........  I thought Vicki took the fabric to cut, she knew I took it home.  But neither of us can remember what the fabric looked like!  oh my..... so off to the quilt store.
We looked and looked.  how would this look, hmmmmm.... no, how about this? 
Finally we found some ombre green from moda.  OH. MY.  GOSH!!!!  perfect.
there are 11 vertical rows.  I am at 5.  by the end of the week it should be together. and I will take a better picture.  the green goes from dark to light in the middle to dark again.  The pattern is called In Grannies Dream.  In person it looks awesome!!!! 
we also started our 16 patch blocks from Aunt Polly's Blog Wicked bits.  I so love that quilt.  I made 32 of them.  I need 90. 
we have more than enough squares.  But not enough yellows.  So we are cutting more squares!  We have already started conspiring what to do with the extra squares we will have. 
We had the best time.  laughed a lot.  sewed a lot.  and relaxed.  Just what we needed.  Thanks Vicki!
Oh, BTW, hubby said you guys must not have sewed a lot this time.  Why, I asked.  He replied you don't have a lot of things finished!  Oh my dear, I replied, do you realize how long it takes to sew 2.5" squares together?  he replied, Apparently not! 

Monday, October 13, 2014

stash report 27

Hi everyone!  not much this week.  I have been getting ready for my retreat with Vicki!!!  By the time you read this, I will be on my way to Williams to quilt the week away.......  oh yeah!

bobbins used this week: 2
bobbins used year to  date: 71
Thread spools emptied this week:  0
Thread spools emptied year to date:  14
Fabric used this week:  0
Fabric used year to date:  52 3/8
Fabric added this week:  0
Fabric added year to date:  32 yards

Last time Vicki and I were together, we had a whole sack full of scraps of Halloween fabric.  I cut those all up and now not much is left of that pile. 

see these two bags?  there are a lot of 2.5 squares, a lot.... together over 5000 squares.  mercy me!  there is enough for 2 quilts each, we are planning on making and still have squares left over...... 

I also made Hudson a batman cape! 

Now off to finish packing so I can go to the cool mountains.  lovely!  I can't wait....


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mail, wonderful mail!

Hi everyone!  I love reading blogs.  I love to enter drawings on blogs.  sometimes I win, and usually I don't.  But today I can say I WON!!!!  yeah!!! 

Joan at moosestash quilting had a give away.  I love Joan's style and everything she makes.  I have gotten so many ideas from here.  I have joined several groups she has recommended.  She has never steered me wrong. 

Well, this time I was the lucky winner!

Joan made this wallet so that it is light weight, so hands can be free,  stylish little bag.  There is a place on the front for my phone.  slots inside for credit cards and such.  I a place for my driver's license.  all the necessities.  It will be wonderful to use next time I go to a quilt show or shopping trip.  she also made a couple of little tags. she suggested to hang them from my rotary cutter, scissors and such.  great idea!!! 
Thank you Joan.  it is very much appreciated.....
Now in another group, Scrappy Happy yahoo group we signed up for birthday block exchange.  we could pick our month, and 12" block.  I picked pink 30s bowties.  Now my month isn't until December.  I am the last one.  I have enjoyed making all the different blocks for everyone.  I have just one more to make and that is November. 
In the mail the other day was a large envelope from Donnelly.  It was my birthday block!  Wow, 3 months early!!!!  thank you Donnelly. 

Won't my quilt be lovely?  and thank you Donnelly for the 30s fabric.  I don't have that one.  love it!!! 


Monday, October 6, 2014

Stash Report 26

Hi everyone!  not too much to report today....

bobbins used this week:  7
bobbins used year to  date:  69
Thread spools emptied this week:  0
Thread spools emptied year to date:  14
Fabric used this week:  7 5/8 years
Fabric used year to date:  52 3/8
Fabric added this week:  0
Fabric added year to date:  32 yards

like I said, not much to report. 

Vicki and I are getting together at her home in Williams really soon.  I can't wait!!  so I am trying to get things organized to take up there. 

So, in saying that, I have squared up 444 3" half square triangles!

that's not all of the half squares, but it is all of the leavings from squaring up!  I am proud of that little pile!  LOL.....

Over the last couple of years, I have been making the evenings star block in 30's.  In fact I love the block so much, I was in a swap with my Thornberries group AND my Scrappy and Happy yahoo group.  I haven't counted, buy I know I have A LOT.  My plan was, and still is to share with Vicki and make a quilt with it.  One of the ladies from the Scrappy and Happy group put hers on point!  oh my!  I loved it!!!

Didn't Nola do a fantastic job?   Now, I need to do some counting and figure out my game plan..... 

For several years, I have been working on I done my best blocks.  I think I started this one with Cyndi about 4 years ago.  Cyndi and I had gone up to Payson for a retreat and saw this quilt.  Our hearts started beating fast, I think we I might of gotten dizzy!  it was such a sweet quilt. And the class they were having, we couldn't go to.  Sigh...  Well, we talked about that quilt for a couple of months.  One day we saw someone who worked there, and that quilt came up again.  She told us,she was sure the lady who taught the class could help us out. 

the book was no longer available, but Dorothy said she would trace it out onto fabric for us.  we had to pay for the fabric.  hmmmmm, YES!!!!  so I worked hard and finished January through June.  I got about half way done with July.  and there it sat for a few years.  I HAVE JULY DONE!!!!!  yeah!!!!

Now that feels good.  I have already started August.

Another project I have been working on for several years, is a Dear Jane quilt.  I have a friend who has made at least two of these quilts and probably has enough blocks for a couple more.  She has been in swaps for years.  Those quilts are so beautiful, I love looking at them.  So many moons again, I started my Dear Jane with several other people.  only not quite the same.  I am embroidering the blocks! 

I just finished  block F-6.  I trace one row at a time.  I have been trying to as soon as a block is done, I square it up.  and sew it into the row.  so off I go to do that......

 I am on a roll....  Wish me luck....