Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Wedding!

Well, Jenn and David were married on Wednesday! Yeah!!! They wanted it very simple and special. And that's what they got! you know how every wedding has it's own little bumps to make it memorable? well, they had a couple of bumps! The Justice of the Peace was not there when we got to the courthouse. He was at the hospital having a MIR done. the poor man had a couple of ruptured discs!!! So we caravan to his home. He had to sit while preforming the ceremony. He mad it very special and shared with the kids some beautiful words. In the corner of the room were toys for his grandchildren. He told the little ones they could play with them. a lot of them were musical! so the music in the background was old mac Donald and row, row, row your boat! I doubt that Jenn and David heard it though! LOL! the kiss........ to make it official!
and here is the Brady bunch! OH, I mean the Michner bunch!! Welcome to the family!

We love you all......

ribbon storage

hi everyone! been a little busy here. trying to get the office all organized, family stuff going on. just busy day to day stuff! any way, I thought I would show you my ribbon storage! last April- mercy, has it been that long! there was a scrapbook convention. I had seen this ribbon stirage on the net , so I wanted to see it in person. it's called Ribbon Ring Tags.

Well I found them and fell in love with them. I finally got around to getting my ribbon organized! I couldn't get a pic without one of the cats checking it out. This is Miss Beauty. So far, they haven't bothered it. just wanted to check it out. I sure hope this works.....
while at splitcoast stampers, there was a discussion about how to store your ribbons! Emily shared her SVG file to make your own! I cut mine from acetate. it's not as sturdy as the original. but ribbon isn't heavy. I suppose you could cut them from cardstock also. Anyway it's a great idea and Emily THANK YOU!!!! She also has an awesome blog!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Frog Spawn and Swamp Water!

We had so much fun last night at Jenn's! Thanks sweetie! Gave Justin his card, had dinner with David's family - really nice folks! and met David's twin - Danny, and met Alex - David's oldest. Very nice young man. Jenn fixed a Mexican chicken dish that was YUMMO!!! then the kids played balling (Lexi's word for bowling) on the WII (hope that is how you spell it). Then it was time for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. As a family we always go and see Harry as a family! Watching the last movie was in preparation to see the new movie. I thought we needed a little something to get us in the mood! So I found a recipe on instructables for frog spawn and swamp water! Everyone thought it was pretty gross at first. but everyone drank up! lots of eeewwww gross! is it real? if it's pretend I will drink it! here is the drink with the frog spawn floating in it. looks pretty realistic!
Here is David! a picture says a 1000 words!
Here is my family! Thanks for playing along! love you all.....

Oh I forgot, Lee and Zoe came too! Are you wanting the recipe! LOL!! lime Koolaid and LARGE tapioca pearls, that had been soak for 24 hours, and then cooked for 15 mintues. you have to rinse the pearls a lot. that's it! Lots of fun....

Sunday, July 19, 2009

this is going to be a very busy week for us! Jenn and David are getting married!!!! In fact Jenn's birthday is Tuesday, they are getting married on Wednesday and David's birthday is Thursday! mercy!
Here is a close up of the flower on their card. the flower is from SVG cuts - their first flower bundle! LOVE< LOVE< LOVE IT!!!!
The skittle I dyed myself! fun stuff! then I used my cuttle bug to emboss the green and the white paper. added a little bit of sparkle with clear stickles. Now what to put inside of the card? hmmmm - maybe money???? LOL!


Friday, July 17, 2009

Redwork Club!

Hi everyone!!! today is Redwork day! and like always, the ladies were prolific! we had a great day and a fun show and tell! this is Rita with her peek a boo blocks

These are Susan's Redwork in the Garden blocks......

This is Susan's pillow she just finished. She is working on the inserts! LOL!
This is the back of her pillow! she used different fabric and put a band on the outside fold! Great idea!!!

Michelle came today. she has not been for a month or so. She donated a kidney to her hubby! She was a perfect match! isn't that amazing! She showed us some paper embroidery she is doing for cards. They are amzing! She will show us how to do it, next month! Yeah!

Jeanne brought a project - I'm sorry I didn't even notice what the project was! I was so intertested in the needle! Hopefully if you click on the pic you will see that it has 2 heads - one above the other! It was really cool. she said that they have bigger ones for ribbon embroidery too. hmmmmm.... something new to find and play with!

this is Jancye with her quilt half finished. it's from charmed and dangerous! it was gorgoiues!

She has start the bunny hill pattern - bunnies love embroidery! the next two pics are from that pattern.

Arlene had a tote she made - pattern from crab apple hill. It was lovley. but Arlene always does beautiful work!

Hope I didn't forget any pics!!! Thanks ladies for all the support and the great ideas you always bring!! Oh, Rita won the door prize that I made - a chicken humbug bag! I didn't take a pic of that - sorry!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hi everyone! a couple of nights ago I finished up block 3 of be attitudes. Monday is our BOM at Quilter's Outpost that Cyndi and I are doing this BOM. I am really enjoying these blocks, but most of all - keeping up!!! it feels so good to not get behind on something. I still only have block 1 done on angels among us, but I have the pieces all traced, the fabric ready and the block sewn together! hopefully that will get ready to put together very soon!

there are just SOOOOOOOO many little pieces to those blocks - but very cute.



Monday, July 13, 2009

Justin Turn 16!

my goodness, I can't believe my oldest grandson will turn 16 on saturday! I was there when he was born. It was the first time I had witnessed a birth other than my own. I felt like I would have rather given birth instead of watching my daughter go through it. Justin is a very talented drummer, a good looking guy, a great sense of humor, and a typical teenager! We love him and we are so proud of him.
I feel very confident that he doesn't check his granma's blog very often, so I am posting his birthday card! someone on SCALyahoo groups sent me the drummer sillouette and I used my
SCAL to shadow the cut. the gold in the background is Joss Paper. I used zip two glue on it.

Happy Birthday Justin! We love you.....
Grandma H

Jackson is the Man!

Jackson turned 7 years old! Jackson and Eva are our newest additions to our family. David, Jackson and Eva will officially be "ours" on July 22nd! Yeah!!! Jen, David and the kids came over for a visit last night. I sure do love those grandma hugs and kisses.
One more quilt to show you! this is going to be GW's quilt - Ride em' cowboy! I am calling this little guy GW, because the kids are thinking about Gideon Wayne. I think it will grow on me. for now GW is great - like GW McClintok, the character that John Wayne played. Loved that movie! This is really a very old UFO - 2002 I believe. I had all the handwork done for the longest time. then I put it away until it was needed. Ashton and Elena came for Christmas and I started thinking - hmmmmm I bet a new little one will be coming soon. I even thought that they would spring the news on us a Christmas. Well our little Maddy wasn't even a year old at the time, what was I thinking!!!! anyway, started going through my kits and UFOs and found the cowboy one. Thought it would be perfect if they were to have a boy. Well, in January they gave us the news and in March (I think) they found out it was a boy! Was Grandma on the ball! So now I just have to get the batting and backing and my friend Jodi will be quilting it for me. Whew!!!

Have a great day! Me, I am going to sew, doing a little organizing, sew, cleaning and make some more birthday cards!



Saturday, July 11, 2009

Quilt Retreat 4

I had almost a full spool of thread! this is what is left. Mercy, we were bookin' it

This is Aria. again, I am not sure who makes the pattern. but when it is done, we will put crystals on it. just needs a border or two and a few more flowers.

These are our cars, packed full! Thank you Vicki for a wonderful week. And Micha and Ashley too! I can't wait for next year!

I have two more tops I finished, but didn't take pics. so I will do that and post in the next couple of days.

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quilt retreat 3

One day we went shop hopping with friends...This is Jon Ali quilt store - very nice!

this is from Material Girl, across the street. It wasn't a real quilt store. She had LOTS of textural type of fabrics. she sells lots of her things on Etsy. this bassinet fabric was skull and crossbones. I can't imagine a baby sleeping in this, but it was cute!!!!

this was a treat to see the sunset, when we looked at the window! Absolutely beautiful!!!

This is Donna, Vicki, a lady standing guard, Marian and myself at Sew What! Big sale, so we found a few things.....
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Quilt Retreat 2

This is our Christmas quilt, from Better Homes and Gardens Quilts and More Winter 2006 -Spruce it up! page 39. I love this quilt!!!! I took the pic before we got the borders on. it still is cute.......

then Santa purses! not sure what pattern this was. this was Vicki's contribution!
Then onto bird pincushions! A bunny hill pattern.

this is a take 5 pattern. the inside is from my stash!
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My Quilt Retreat!

hey everyone! just got back from a 5 day quilt retreat! just vicki from Vegas and I! WONDERFUL!!! her son in law and daughter have a home in Lake Havasu and we had it all to ourselves. when I got there, vicki had covered all the water bottles in a cute little cover - This is the life! and a little basket full of goodies!

One of the first things we worked on was little baskets. this is Vicki and her boo boo.

I will post more pics shortly!

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Win $1,000 at!

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

lots of stuff!

hey everybody! sorry I haven't post in a couple of days. been very busy! I am getting together with my friend - Vicki from Vegas! and we will be spending the whole week sewing. we get kits ready for each other, then sew, sew, sew, all week. we are very productive during that time. but I have a few pics for you!

this is Demi girl! she just got her hair cut and will be starting 7th grade soon. isn't she beautiful? she's got those BIG brown eyes from her grandmother you know! LOL!

the pincushion is a sample for the shop. it was a group effort between Sandy and I. the pattern is The Abbey Bag, not sure who makes the pattern. sorry!

the first pic is the start of my grand mother's flower garden quilt!!!! I cut the hexagons on my cricut machine and SCAL! YEAH!!! I can cut 18 then 13 out of 1 sheet of paper - 31 hexes!!!!

if anyone is interesting in the file, please leave a comment and I can send it to you. be sure to leave your email address. I don't know how to save it so you can download it. sorry!

hope you all have a wonderful 4th! It's been wonderful.....