Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Swaps are so much fun!

Hi everyone!  i have so much fun joining the swaps over at quilted table 

first there was the Easter swap.  then a 2.5" strip swap - I didn't do that one, but they are going to have more.  and now a mug rug swap!  

I gave to Liz!  all the way over to the east coast.  

I realized after I had sent it I did not include any coffee or tea for her.  I do not drink either, so I didn't even think about it.  oh well......  that red ball on the right?  a wool pincushion.  LOVE THEM!  Liz loves red and turquoise and 30s, so I included a couple of FQs for her.  She also LOVES bats and camels.  so instead of a butterfly, I put a bat on the mat.  I found the pattern on Craftsy

I changed it a bit to fit Liz's taste - I hope! It was fun to pull together.  all from stash!  yeah!!!

Now for my treasure!   

It came in an Amazon Box!  this is a girl who knows how to shop!!!  

 However, I am not a patient present opener!  beautiful paper but.......
It was wrapped in tissue! gone.......

 A zippered pouch, a beautiful mug rug and a folder with pockets.  and inside...

 Herbal teas and sugars.  yum!

Oh, and on the back on the mug rug? a beautiful label!

thank you so much Diana!  I love everything!  You are a sweetie!  


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  1. What a great swap. Love getting things in the mail.


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