Thursday, April 18, 2013

Make it healthy

Last night we got to go to Zoe's 1st grade music program.  "Make it healthy".  I love going to my grand children's program.  they are so sweet and so very excited to perform!  thank you Zoe for inviting us.  We loved every minute!

I don't know about where you might live, but here the weather has been..... well, inconsistent.  very warm - into the high 80's, low 90s.  and then it cools down to the low 70's.  Which is very nice.  Not complaining at all - about the cooler temps.  Anyway, last week we had wind.  I mean LOTS of wind.  and a little rain.  I haven't driven my car since then.  I picked up my granddaughters today and when we got home, Zoe was the first one out of the car.  When I came around, I found this!

 Thank you Zoe! and Lexi too.  I love you girls too.......  Tomorrow the car gets washed!  Oh by the way, I washed the car one day before we had the rain, sigh....... 

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