Sunday, April 28, 2013

Happy Dancing here!

Hi everyone!  do you read Pioneer Woman?  I do.  Do you watch her show on the food channel?  I  do!  Do you know what type of knives she uses?  I do!  She uses Wusthof knives.  Hubby and I have been researching knives for a while now.  I admit he knows much more about the subject than I do.  All I really know is that I want a Wusthof Knife!  Bruce found out they were having a sale at Sur La Table.  Have you been there?  Not me.  

Yesterday we went to check out my knife.  Oh boy oh boy!  I would love to spend hours there just looking at everything they have.  

Bruce had been to the one in Scottsdale. I looked online and found one in Chandler.  Much closer!  

I checked out all the knives!  I even got to cut with them.  OH MY GOSH!!!  It is amazing to cut with sharp knives.  I had no idea!  LOL......  

This is what I got.  starting with the top knife.  This one is a Zwilling pro Santoku.  I decided to go with the Zwilling because it was heavier.  I liked the way it fit in my hand.  Next is a serrated bread knife.  it came with a small bread/cutting board. it is a Wusthof.  and last 3.5" Classic paring knife.  Also a Wusthof. I also bought a teak cutting board.  

Everything was sale price.  I understand this happens once or twice a year.  

I like watching several food shows.  I love reading food blogs.  In the past couple of years my interest in cooking has renewed.  I have been acquiring some cool stuff for my kitchen.  Sharp knives were on my list and I now have them in my hands.  

A funny thing happened on the way home.  Our son called and asked if he could come over to get some help in prepping for the BBQ/birthday party for his daughter.  He needed onions, tomatoes, lettuce all cut up.  I laughed and said I would love to do that for him!  So I got to try out my knives as soon as I got home.  lovely, very lovely.  sigh.....   life is good!

Thanks sweetie for taking me down to get my knives.   You are a keeper!


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  1. Yes, you must have the proper tools to do the job. I recently got a really good knife and what a difference it makes. Blissful chopping, slicing and dicing...


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