Saturday, April 6, 2013

Shopping With a Friend!

Hi everyone!  Yesterday, i met up with my friend Cyndi.  Mardi and Toni suppose to come with us, but weren't able to meet up.  We missed you girls!!!  

We have been hearing that the Goodwill in Scottsdale was pretty cool.  Not sure.  I always find wool at any Goodwill I go to.  Did find some higher quality clothing, which is always fun.  
We did find a few things.  We bought wool skirts and jackets, some holders for our unmounted stamps.  I bought a couple of 8 x 10 frames, something special to make into a pin cushion.  some plaid fabric - a couple of yards!  
And this leather skirt.  A long leather skirt!  A long leather skirt with the tags still on!  it happen to have a blue tag on it. Blue was the color of the day.  anything with a blue tag would be half off.  so my never worn, long leather skirt was $2.50!  Oh yeah!!!!  

what am I going to do with a long leather, never worn skirt?  share!  sometimes I like to add a texture to my quilts.  That's why I love wool.  just a little something.  the leather skirt will go for that.  And sharing with friends!  

This was just our first stop!  too fun!  

Next stop:

  do you know about Penzey's?  oh my!  all dry herbs, all kind of salts, blends, different peppers for your grinder.  Oh and they have wooden salt and pepper shakers - beautiful!  they have the BEST cinnamon!  i use the Vietnamese cinnamon.  it's strong, but so yummy.  double strength vanilla.  ahhhhh heaven.....  whole nutmeg - boy howdy!  and the list goes on.  you can sign up for the catalog/magazine HERE    It is free.  and they usually send a coupon for one of their spices.  FREE!  best deal ever.  the magazine is chockful of recipes.  I highly recommend!  

 By this time we were pretty hungry.  So to Rubios for fish tacos and carnitas street tacos.  YUMM!  

Then off to Joann's.  found a few things.  I even bought a couple of Easter things that were 70% off.  

Then on the way home we stopped at Cabbage Rose.  Haven't been there before.  Lots of girly girl fabric.  So pretty!  found some small cherry fabric I have been looking for.  

All in all, a very fun productive day.  We missed you Mardi and Toni!  Can't wait till we do this again!  



  1. Sounds like a great day!
    Cabbage Rose is a cute shop.

  2. Where is Cabbage Rose I never heard of it.


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