Monday, April 15, 2013

Stash Report and I am a WINNER!!!

Hi everyone!  time to be accountable!  

bobbins used this week:3
bobbins used year to date: 22
Fabric used this week: 2 1/2 yards
Fabric used year to date: 43 7/8
Fabric added this week: 5 1/2
Fabric added year to date: 34 5/8

Net fabric add for 2013:  -7 3/4 yards Yeah!!! 

UFOs finished this week: 3 - finished June, July and August BOM for Redwork
UFOs finished year to date: 25

Update of fab 4:  I pick new ones for April
BOM Queen and her court - haven't worked on it yet

Triple Irish chain - found flowers for the border.  tracing flowers
Sock quilt with Vicki and TB - all the small socks are appliqued, still working on the large socks
Penguin Qlt with Vicki - sewn together with sashing.  1 border sewn.  white border cut and ready to sew. 

New projects started: 


Postcard cuties for winter:  just finished blocks #8 and 9.  
Transition quilt:  started with Vicki.  all the blocks are done, now to do the sashing! sashing is cut. i have started sewing on the sashings. 
Hexie project with Vicki.  3 done 
Lady bug Twister - everything cut and sewn together.  now I need to cut apart and resew.  
Started a new this and that pattern - Tag Along.  3/4 done.  for a Christmas gift.  

when I opened up my email this morning, I found this:

Dear Lorene,

You're a winner!  Your name has been chosen to receive a FREE can of Mettler WEB BOND.

Yeah!!  I like winning.  it feels so good!  LOL....  


 block 8
Block 9 - 3 more to go!  

I think I had a good week!  


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