Friday, April 12, 2013

Something scary, this way comes

Hi everyone!  do you like scary things?  I do, well most of the time.  LOL.....  

I love old scary movies, not the new blood and gore.  Except Walking Dead, I do like that.  

Give me a good ole Frankenstein or Dracula, or Werewolf.  and I am hooked.  in fact, I record all the old movies at Halloween time, so I can get my fill of old scary movies.  

Scariest movie? Psycho.  That one scared my brother and I - a lot!  I mean A LOT!

OK, to get to the point.  the other night I had gone to bed.  slept several hours and then woke up.  You know, you have to go and you walk to the bathroom half asleep.  I left the door open and I am sitting there and look up and see this:

Sorry this is such a bad picture.  click on it and hopefully you will see what I saw.  A man's arm and shoulder.  SCARED ME TO DEATH!!!!  How do I call out to my husband?  my protector?  My hero?  My heart started to race.  My eyes are BIG!  The shadow doesn't move.......

OK, Lorene get a grip.....  then I start thinking.  Where is this guy standing?  on the other side is the sink, mirror and a hand towel holder.  OH MY GOSH!!  It's the towel holder!  LOL.....  so I calm down and sneak back into bed.  Not telling my hubby about this one till the morning.  

So, now every night I see the shadow.  He doesn't make my heart skip a beat anymore.  Maybe a comfort, not sure about that one yet.  maybe no more scary movies - at night.  

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