Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dinner at Macayo's

Again, I have so many pictures. so I am just going to share some. I have been working on this quilt since last summer. I will do another post so you can see the quilt better. it's a picture of Mom and Dad in the center. it has star blocks surrounding it. the center of the stars are family pictures. they were soooo surprised. Mom never let the quilt out of her hands. she held it all the way home. I think they both liked it. Now, since Mom and Dad eloped, they never cake a cake. so we had them do all sorts of firsts. BTW, the cake was from Cake - Nothing bundt cake. click on the blue link to go to there site. we had carrot cake and red velvet cake and all I can say is YUMMO!!!! so good. and the wonderful thing is they have a place in Scottsdale here! Yeah! I can have more......

Now the next two pictures should be reversed. My wonderful, lovely children felt that their grandparents needed some toys to celebrate this wonderful occasion. Lee was the one to present the basket. the basket was full. My parents were so excited to get a present! You can see their reaction when they realized what it was. I was going to share pictures, but, well, there was a lot of edible things. and edible tassel things, and edible underwear type of things. you get the picture. well, kiddos, you made them laugh!

I bet you didn't know there was a Macayo's in Vegas! My parents LOVE Mexican food. yummy!!! AND I bet you didn't know that Macayo's is celebrating 50 years! so the restaurant was decorated with 50 years signs and balloons. we thought at first they had decorated for Mom and Dad celebration! Thank you Macayo's!

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