Sunday, September 26, 2010

Thank you Penny!!!!!

Hi everyone! I have these 2 big closet sliding doors in my sewing room. I have looked at them forever trying to figure out what to do with them. I tried using the 3M strips to hang flannel. I want a design wall. I even bought pink flannel to do it. well, it didn't work. the 3M strips are NOT made for hanging fabric. sigh...... so I took down the flannel......

I have a cricut expression, that I don't use enough. with the remodel and organizing and getting rid of lots of stuff, there just hasn't been time for card making and scrapbooking. While looking at my closet doors - again - the light bulb came on! Yeah!!!! my doors have these paneled areas. what would happen if I put some vinyl on the panels? I could put quilty things! my first thought was yardage info. I can never remember! so I started looking for fraction fonts. hmmmmmm, I would need to spend big money on fonts to get what I want. hmmmmmm, what to do? then I thought of Penny Duncan! HERE - she can do anything with Sure Cuts Alot!!!! So dear sweet Penny came to my rescue. well, when Penny sent me the new file, all the fractions were all together. I wasn't sure how to separate them, so Melissa came to the rescue! so here is the first try with vinyl. I can see I needed it to be a little smaller. but it still looks pretty good! any suggestions to put on the other panels? LOL!
Thanks Penny and Melissa for helping me!!!! It was a fun adventure!


  1. hi, lorene, how about how many 2 1/2" strips, etc. you can get out of 1/4 yd, 1/2 yd, 3/4 yd, or some of that info denise gave us: 1 fat quarter will yield: 2 - 10" squares, 4 - 5" squares, and a 1 1/2" strip. Have fun! rita

  2. This looks AWESOME!!!! You've done a WONDERFUL job ma'am...I'm thrilled you allowed me to see and I just HAVE TO TELL YOU....Your blog is SO GORGEOUS!!!!! I LOVE it!!!


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