Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Going to the Chapel.......

Mom and Dad were married 50 years ago. don't they make a wonderful couple? So here we are getting ready to go to the Little White Wedding Chapel. that's were they were married. they ran away to Vegas. Mom was telling us she had only $20 to get a new pair of shoes and an new dress.

I think she looked pretty good!

Here they are 50 years later and still looking good!
they are walking down the hall. they were sooo excited.

The Little White Chapel sent a Limo to pick us all up. I don't think I have ever road in a limo before. one thing I can say - guys need to get in first and you sit very low, very low! not sure how girls in short dresses do it!
Here I am with Mom and Kris, my sister in law.

and the guys - Bruce, Dean - my brother, Dad and Ronny, my other brother.

they had all these plastic flowers everywhere. we all thought it looked like a hearse. LOL.....
but it was cool inside. and the driver wasn't crazy. he got us to the chapel in time.....

Here is Aunt Joan, Jenn and Trina waiting for everyone.
My brother Dean.

My sister Cindy and her fiancee Keith.

Aunt Joan and her son Steve.

there were a lot more people, just not on my camera! They did a DVD of the wedding. but didn't take any pictures. I wish we would have had those pictures. Cindy and I got to walk Dad down the isle. Dean and Ronny walked Mom down the isle with Aunt Gloria and Aunt Joan behind them. It made the ceremony very special. Now, my dad is a little hard of hearing and there was several times during the ceremony that he didn't quite hear what he had to repeat. At one point he was to repeat "My love is your home." he said, "My loins are your home." sorry Dad, but this is the best line ever! I thought I was going to die laughing. I didn't dare look at anyone. if I did, I would really loose it. the ceremony was beautiful. Mom looked radiant as a new bride.
Next, pictures just after the ceremony.....

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