Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our last day in Vegas

I was trying to find a place for breakfast in Vegas that would be on our way out of town. There are a gazillion places to eat in Vegas. there are buffets, restaurants, fast food, big money, little money, everything!!!! so while looking online I found the Omelet House. they had really high ratings. I talked to my friend in Vegas and she had lots of good things to say. so we had a go at it. OH MY GOSH!!!! a small omelet is 4 eggs and a large omelet is 6 eggs. they have pumpkin bread, banana bread, toast, english muffins. to choose from. there must have been over 2 dozen different omelets. would we go back - oh yeah! After breakfast everyone left for their homes. we decided to go home through laughlin. the traffic was pretty congested on the dam. As we went through Searchlight, there was a casino and McDonald's. Nevada has the strangest combinations of slots and stores. it always makes me laugh. this was a gas station, McD's, a convenient store, a small casino, and gift shop. one stop shopping! we stopped for a few minutes. we left we more than what we had when we went in!
Home safe and sound with lots of wonderful memories! happy anniversary Mom and Dad!
we love you.....

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