Thursday, September 2, 2010

Another UFO almost done!

This is an UFO that has been in the works probably 2 years. I didn't put a date down. the line of fabric is Maison de Noel by 3 sisters for Moda. was that last year or the year before? hmmmm.... anyway the pattern I used was Star Fling by Terry Atkinson. I think Linda S. gave me the idea for it. thanks!!! I have the backing for it. just need to go and get the batting. Oh the thread I am using will be that turquoise color. I think that will look nice. I would like to use this panto for the quilting. I love Urban Elemenz. I haven't bought the panto yet, but I am going to! This quilt top was a in between quilt. I sewed it as leaders and enders and it took about ten days to finish the top. not too bad. So another Christmas quilt top is done and in the que to be quilted. I am going to quilt this one! wish me luck!!


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