Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Construction has started! Yahoooooooo

As you know I have been waiting all summer for the remodel to begin. sigh.... I go back to work this week. so Bruce and I will taking turns babysitting the house. but e are excited to finally get started. I have floaties in my house from all the dust. some of the smoke alarms have been going off! the cats are going crazy and very worried from all the noise. Me? I am cutting and sewing, life is good! LOL!

this is looking from the garage to the hall. no more wall! back in the corner is where the water heater's new home will be. that's also going to be my new laundry room. here the guys have taken out the garage door and are framing for the new window!
this is a better picture of the hall. they are moving the wall on the left to make the laundry area bigger.

This is a trench they have to dig for all the plumbing.

I know, not very interesting, but so exciting for us. things are going pretty fast. lets hope it keeps going that way. what will tomorrow bring? surely more cutting and sewing for me! LOL!

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  1. wow they have really gotten going ! Love the wonderful white powder on the floor...I know what that means ! Won't it be great when it's finished ! At least you are sewing and not trying to clean it up yet!


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