Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Come on down!!!!!!

Friday night in Vegas, we all had tickets to the Price is Right - Vegas style. it's just like the show, but alittle different. instead of having the winners get to spin the wheel. they call up a new group for every game and a new group for the showcase. they draw the names so everyone has a chance. Steve my cousin got pick to try and guess the price. It was a guitar. He didn't guess right. In between each game they draw people to win total reward credits - 1000 points. first to win was my sister Cindy, then my mother. It was fun and lots of screaming and happy people. at the very end, Bruce was called for a total reward credit of 2500. the credit thing means $10 and $25 worth of gambling. better than a kick in the pants.

they do not allow pictures in the theater (it was at Bally's). they are very strict about that. so no pictures.... however afterward we were all walking out and everyone started putting their name tags (just like the real price is right!) on my brother Dean and cousin Steve. these are macho, cool guys. but they had fun with it.

after the show, we went to the Tequila Cantina in Bally's. it wasn't too bad. But Steve's fiancee Liz ordered the nacho plate. OH MY GOSH!!!! I didn't have my camera because I left it in the room. but you know how big a turkey platter is? well, that' how big the plate was and it was piled HIGH! we all got a good laugh from that. Steve helped Liz eat. they made a dent in it.
we had a great time. they had the coolest penny machines at Bally's. my favorite? the Lord of the Rings. It was nice to me..... LOL......

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