Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I had to run down to the shop today and meet Jodi. she is quilting GW quilt. I UFO from 2002!!! while there Janet came in with my dream quilt. A Triple Irish Chain!!! WOW!!!! these are 1 1/2" cut squares. some are fussy cut. can you find the moose? it's upside down. there are bees, flowers, elephant and so much more. A I spy for grown ups!
Here is a close up of the corner border. I love this quilt. Janet's applique is exquisite! Jodi's quilting is wonderful and just makes the quilt. It was a solid cream on back so it shows off the quilting. I wish I had a pic of that!
Here is a close up of the squares. All scraps!!! Wow!

Another pic of the border......

And here is the quilt! don't you love it? I told Janet I could be adopted! Sorry Mom! this quilt just makes my heart skip a beat! I talked one of my groups in doing a swap, but they want 2 1/2" squares...... much easier, but oh my heart wants the 1 1/2" squares.......



  1. hmmmmm I could do that !!! Can we all start another project, that was beautiful ! And another swap?????

  2. Ooooooooh, how beautiful!!! It is really a dream-quilt!!!!

  3. i am in a yahoo group that swaps 1 1/2 inch squares 4 times a year....we are swapping in sept. and we swap 25 sets of 50 different fabrics...or is it 25 fabrics??? i forget, i better go check and get cutting since i haven't even started yet LOL....that would be a great start for that quilt.....what i want to know is WHERE CAN I GET THAT PATTERN?????? it is an AMAZING quilt!!!

  4. what a goof i are in that same group LOL, which is where i found you link to your blog--asking for the pattern for yourself LOL

    let the group know if you find one, coz boy howdy, i wanna make one of these :o)


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