Wednesday, August 19, 2009

P3 Day! Or Never say never!!!

I have such talented friends! I have always done needle turn method of applique. I love it. it's relaxing. not a lot of supplies are needed. Well down at the shop EVERYONE is doing P3 (click here) applique. I thought - Nope not me, never going to do it, too much work. I am happy with what I am doing. Well, I kept looking at Robin, Terry, Cyndi, Cindy, Charlene and all the other ladies in the applique club that do the P3 method. It's sooooooo flat. I like flat! that was my one complaint about my needle turn method. It was puffy! I want flat! I was talking to Terry the other day and she said we need a P3 Day!!! So yesterday was it. Terry, Judy and Denise all showed me how to do it! Mindy got to come for lunch and visit for a while. Denise was very patient and encouraging. Thank you Denise. Terry was throwing little hints my way.
I was at Ikea with Jenn on Saturday. as I was looking I found these cute little bowls for everyone. they are stainless steel and sooooo tiny! this is to hold the starch.
These are Denise's eagles. they were perfect! she had them all done before I finished up my block! Terry was working on lots of different stuff and Judy was working on a turtle quilt. sorry I didn't get pics!
Here is block one from tisket a tasket from bunny hill. I already have the first 4 blocks done the old way. so I thought I would compare them both. Darn, didn't take a pic of the needle turn one. believe me, this one is MUCH flatter. I have the stitching almost done, so I will take a pic of it and then put up the comparison. I think I have been won over by P3. it really wasn't a lot of work. I enjoyed the process. I learned so much, thank you girls for helping me out!!! we might have to have another P3 day!!!


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