Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lee's birthday

Mercy, so much has been going on! busy, busy, busy! this past weekend it was my oldest son's birthday - he turned 37! I can't believe I have a child almost 40 years old. Oh my goodness.....he was always such a loving sweet little guy. full of hugs and kisses for his mom. He is a caregiver. he might not look like it on the outside - which is Mr. Tough man, but he is a sweetie, and I am so proud of him. whenever my hubby goes out of town, he is the first one to call and make sure everything is OK here. Love ya Lee! oh, BTW everyone, he is single! he has a good job, a beautiful 3 year old, Zoe, and owns his own home! I will pass on any applications.... LOL!!!
Happy Birthday sweetie.....

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