Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gunner man.......

Melissa and Glen's little guy - Gunner man turn two! I can hardly believe it. he is getting sooo big. He is talking up a storm. however he still doesn't say Grandma!! I have always said to him GRRRRRRRRRRRandma. he laughs and says MRRRRRRRma, ma, ma! or if he is talking to me, it's ma, ma, ma. if he wants his mother, it's mommy. Gunner LOVES music. this week I am watching him and when I turn on the wiggles, he starts to laugh and dance! when I was having children, I would pray that someday I would have a blond blue eyed child (we are all brunettes and brown eyes) or a red headed child. well, Ashton is my blue eyed blond. Melissa has deep dark auburn hair and brown eyes. everyone else is brown hair, brown eyes! I waited 35 years to get my red headed child - Gunner!!! Grrrrrranma loves you sweetie!!


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