Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gunner man!

It has been busy for us the last couple of weeks. 2 weeks ago, Jenn and her family moved. this weekend, Melissa and her family moved. Melissa asked if Gunner man could spend the night Friday, since they were starting at 6 AM Saturday morning. Bruce and I were game. we both would rather babysit than move boxes! LOL! We have this big comfy chair in our family room and Gunner man loves sitting there and being upside down. he can stand on his head without falling, it's so comfy! So here is our little guy acting upside down!

Another thing Gunner man loves is music! we were watching the Wiggles, as soon as the music comes on, he starts dancing! What fun to watch!
Bruce took Gunner man to home depot with him. as they walked into the store, Gunner man's eyes got real big and he said Ohhhhh, wow! this from a 2 year old. He had never been to home depot before! I guess he really liked it. Bruce said he was so well behaved. This is a child that runs everywhere! He was in his happy place! LOL!

Later on Melissa came and got gunner man. later that night Lee and Zoe came over to watch the Cardinals play. Poor Lee had a really bad week. he hurt the top of his foot, he was playing church basketball and got hit right above the eye - so he looks like he has a black eye, and his crown came off and broke in several pieces! Mercy! Then the Cardinals lost. Well tomorrow is a new week! Zoe enjoyed watching me sew and handing me straight pens. She is so fascinated by straight pins!

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  1. Oh What a cutie!!!! He was having him some FUN!!!! I love the pics you shared of him and the quilts below are gorgeous!!!!! What a gifted group of ARTists!!!


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