Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hmmmmm, I found them!

the other day at Terry's (our P3 day), someone started talking about coconut M &M's! and how hard the were to find. Judy said she had found them at Walgreen's. so I stopped there on my way home - none! they weren't sure if they were going to get any more in. Well today I went grocery shopping - Fry's at Ellsworth and Broadway! I was checking out in line and asked about them. she said yes, they carry them, but had no idea were I would find them. she said that someone had just bought some. She said she would let me go and check while she was checking me out. there was no one bagging for her. so I went to the candy isle - none! panic!!! as I was hurrying back, they had a huge display with palm trees. there they were! and the best part? 2 for $5! These are the bigger bags - not the individual! so I picked up my two bags. How do they taste? Yummy! like a mounds bar! I wonder what they would taste like in oatmeal cookies? I put one bag in the freezer - for later. the other one is open and I have had a few.... now I am feeling like I have had too much sugar, so I need to hide them! should I share with Bruce - oh yes! Will I share with Bruce? I guess I have to, he reads my blog now and again.... Love you sweetie! I will LOVE to share with you!

enjoy.... they are worth the hunt....


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  1. I love Mounds Bars, so I'll probably love these and since I'm wanting to kick my sugar habit, I'm not going to try them. As I say that tongue in cheek, because I really want them!!


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