Saturday, August 29, 2009

Appilque Club!

Friday was Applique club down at the shop. All of these ladies are soooo talented. Robin helped me with my points. I think I might be getting it! Yeah!!! This is..... Oh my gosh, now I can't remember her name! I am soooo sorry.... this quilt is reverse applique and it's only 2 pieces of fabric. it is just beautiful. she hand appliqued it and now she is starting to hand quilt it. Her work is just beautiful!!!! This is Mary. and her pattern is from a piecemakers. up close it is wonderful! little tiny stitches......
This quilt is from the book Rosie the riveter. it's all paper pieced. no applique. Arlene you are forgiven. it is fabulous!!!!!

Darlene has a prize to give out, and I won!!!! it was a scissor holder with Jeanna Kimball needles and thread! Thank you Darlene! I loved it! sorry no pic!
Demi had 4 teeth out on Friday and her dentist is just around the corner from the shop. so Jenn brought Demi to me when they were all done. I took Demi to Wendy's for a frosty. (no straws, just a spoon) then home we went. She watched Twilight, had some soup and fell asleep. She slept for several hours. Then in the car to take her home. we just happened to drive by Jumba Juice so we had to stop.... After I dropped off Demi, I went looking for the goodwill by the apartment. Found it. didn't find what I was looking for, but found 2 6 foot paper holder, storage thingies. I didn't need them, but called Melissa and she wanted them. both cost $15.98 total!!! great deal. so then I went to Ikea to kill some time cuz I was going to pick up Melissa from work to take her home. I managed to find a few good things! LOL!
Glen and Melissa were sweet to invite me for dinner - and Lee too! so we all went to Outback! Yummy!!!! it was a very nice day.......

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