Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Show and Tell

Hi everyone, My friend Mary Lou came over the other day.  Our ward divided and we never see each other any more.  Was so happy when she called.  Well, Mary Lou is a quilter too.  and has lots of grands. 

she always makes a quilt when someone gets baptized.  she has two granddaughters who are turning 8.  Marylou wanted to share what she had made. 

First up Do the Hustle  I have made this quilt several times.  I love it and its so easy!  A no stress quilt.   

 Next up is candy hearts quilt  On this one, Mary Lou used a double bat.  AND she hand quilted around each heart.  See the color around the quilt between the hearts and the white border?  she used her scraps and did a little piping.  sooooo cute!  I know Claire and Chloe will love their quilts. 

Thanks Mary Lou for coming over.  I miss our visits.  And I love your quilts. 


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