Sunday, March 2, 2014

Quilt Chapters, do you?

Hi everyone!  I use to belong to the AZ Quilt Guild.  I belonged to Nimble Thimbles for several years.  Then I joined the Rippers.  I have to say, being a new quilter at the time, being in quilt chapter was the very best thing to happen to me.  Friendships were made.  And I still am friends with to this day.   I learned so much. 

I started going to Rippers because it was closer.  Again, friendships were made, things learned.  Love every minute of it. 

Well, life changes.  I do not belong to any guild anymore.  Maybe again someday.  But not right now. 

Judy emailed me the other day.  Rippers birthday was coming up and would I like to come and visit with everyone.  well, yes!  I know Rippers can throw a good party. 

I didn't get a picture of the table - darn!  it was soooo cute.  think red roses, white and red boas, red Andes mints, little hearts and such.  And this was at each place setting.....

inside the can is a magnet so all your pins will stay put.  those are 4 coasters tied with a bow.  and the little box - inside is chocolate heaven, homemade. 
 Inside of can.....

Someone made these cute little kitten rolls.... so sweet.

someone made frog cookies.  Rippers theme is frogs....

someone made these heart cookies!  I haven't eaten mine yet.  it's too pretty to eat. 

It was wonderful to see everyone.  I had such a great time!  Thanks Judy for inviting me. 


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