Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I love surprises!  And my hubby loves to surprise me!  Yeah, he is a keeper!  

We have been talking about getting a new laptop.  our old tower is getting finicky and tempermental.  and frustrating!  we have been talking about replacing it.  I really wanted a laptop.  Well we were at Costco last weekend.  I said, why don't we check out the computers!  we looked, and asked questions then went on with our shopping.  

Well, my friend Vicki comes to visit.  And hubby tells me that a package is coming for me.  He knows I get like a little kid at Christmas.  I can hardly stand it.  So everyday I am watching and waiting.  While we are at lunch, a package comes.....  We come home, and i start to open it.  the outside says lithium batteries.  What flowers comes with batteries?  This is what i see:

What is it?  Then the light gets turned on!  IT'S A COMPUTER!!!!  a laptop!  Thank you sweetie!  Later, there were flowers, a beautiful card and Ferrero Rocher - Yum!  

I think some screaming was involved.  

I love my Hubby!  



  1. What a great suprise for you. He is a keeper.

  2. Now that's a great husband! I bet he has as much fun seeing you act like a kid at Christmas as you do getting a gift. Enjoy the new computer.

  3. Yup, yup, he's a keeper! Congratulations on your new lappy.


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