Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Oh McD's how we love thee!

This past weekend Melissa, Glen and Lee wanted to go and see the new Star Trek movie.  So Bruce and I got to babysit the grands!  So where did we go?  McD's so they could play! 

we found out that Hudson LOVES French fries!

We were able to get Zoe and Gunner to sit long enough to eat, then off they went to play.  Then ice cream was in order.  Yum!  I think Gunner is trying to wink, lol....

We did learn one more thing.  You know the little tiny child cones they give out?  Well, it wasn't enough for Hudson.  he ate the whole thing.  And wanted more! 

Now when the movie was over and they came to collect the grands, Melissa and I went and had some special time. 


I had a pedicure, sigh, bliss, heaven, perfect!  Melissa had her nails done.  We did have some excitement.  I dropped my phone in the water.  shhhhhhh, please don't tell my husband, or my son, or my son in laws.  They might give me a hard time since this, maybe, isn't the first time.  Well, this is the first time at the nail shop.  I maybe, have dropped it a time or two into water, or washer, or a drink.  Maybe.  But no one is counting are they?  it's not a habit or anything, really. 

Then, off to Nando's for some yummy Mexican food.  we were celebrating Barbie's birthday.  It was nice to visit, laugh and enjoy good food all together. 

It was a good day! 


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