Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Vicki from Vegas

Hi everyone!  Good friends are treasures.  Old good friends are gold.  

Background:  back in 1997, Bruce was transferred to Las Vegas. We were living in California. I had taken a quilt class while living in CA.  it was a major disaster.  A horrible experience.  i was so disappointed.  I had always wanted to quilt.  We got involved in moving, so quilted was pushed aside.  

While in Vegas,  I received a calling in our ward to organize tying quilts in the evening monthly meeting for Relief Society.  I didn't know how to quilt.  and had had a bad experience. sigh.....  panic!  The ladies at Desert Industries helped build my confidence.  and I caught the bug.  I discovered online groups of quilters.  In comes Vicki, so very helpful.  got me in touch with the guild there.  We started talking all the time.  

We were only in Vegas for 11 months.  Such a short time.  But since we moved back to AZ.  Vicki and I have continued our friendship.  for years we have met during the summer and whenever we can.  This time it was her turn to come here.  We always have such a great time.  We swap ideas and blocks all the time. 

While she was here, Cyndi had a birthday.  We had celebrated her birthday last week.  Well, Cyndi's hubby works out of town a lot.  So she wouldn't have to be alone on her birthday, we all went out to lunch.  So here is Vicki, me, Cyndi, and Monica.  We laughed a lot.  
It's been awhile since we have had a picture of the two of us.    

during our sewing binge, Vicki finished the fa la la pillow top.  Mine - not done.  

About a year ago, I saw this sock quilt on Pots and Pins.  We fell in love with the quilt.  We decided to trade socks.  Well, the gals in Thornberries saw what we were doing and wanted to swap too.  so socks everywhere!  

 We just need to add two borders.  

One things we really wanted to do was quilt the Transition quilt tops we did up in March in Williams.  Mine is the bottom and Vicki is the top.  They really look different from each other.  My lines are going in and her lines are going out.    

 They are both quilted, just need the binding.  Yeah!

 Now Vicki LOVES coffee.  and Starbucks.  She talked me into a frappe.  no coffee.  Strawberries and cream.  ohhhhhh my,  yummy!  cool, refreshing.  I will go back!  thanks Vicki!  

It was a great week.  I bought some fabric for future projects we are dreaming up.  But I think we were good girls.  We had a couple of stops at some quilt stores, Ikea, lunch with friends and lots of sewing time.  It was a great week!  Come again friend!  


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