Friday, May 17, 2013

Hello, Goodbye

Hi everyone!  I love going to my grandchildren activities.  I love to watch them shine!  

Monday night, Lexi had her last baton performance.  she told me that she had a secret, and I had to come.  hmmmm, what could the secret be?  

 This is the group dance.  straight back with one leg up.  her baton in the air.  yep, she caught it.  The music included some Beatles music.  Was this the secret?  no.  

A solo?  Yep!  Beatles music?  hello goodbye?  yep!  Lexi knows I love the Beatles.  we listen to it everyday I pick her up!  She did a great job!!!  Thank you Lexi!  love you sweetie!

 Bruce, Lexi and I. 
 Grandma Carnes surprised Lexi by coming.  

Lexi girl,  thanks for inviting us!  it was wonderful!!!!  


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