Saturday, May 4, 2013


Hi everyone!  birthdays are always fun, especially when celebrated with friends.  Well, we celebrated Cyndi's and Mardi's birthdays the other day.  Cyndi does throw a great party!  she found a place called Bath Junkie

Boy oh boy, FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!!

First we had to wash our hands.  Cyndi and Mardi are doing this so well!  Then we had to pick our scents.  that was hard, because there is sooooo many choices.  I finally decided on lemon wash, vanilla lace and rain.  really nice. 

 here is Monica and Toni mixing the salt scrub.  

Here is my stuff.  Mardi brought us all poufs.  i love how it's all pink.  Mardi's was yellow - same scent as mine.  Cyndi and Monica had purple and light purple.  their scent was Liquid Valium.  and Toni, was green.  her scent was fresh air and rain.  That is what i am getting next time.  The smell was wonderful!  aaaahhhhhhh......

Cyndi also brought us lunch.  YUMMO!  There were fun presents for the birthday girls.  Lots of laughter.  it was a good day!  

Thanks Cyndi for throwing a great party.  i need to take my girls there.  so girly girl.  


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